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( Cathy )
Darling Phillips, 9Pass
Cathy Freeman’s Bio
Full Name: Catherine (Cathy) Astrid Salome Freeman
Age: 40
D.O.B: 16/02/1973
Sport: Athletics Track –
Relay, 100m, 200m, 400m &
Parents: Cecelia Freeman
& Norman Freeman
Children: (1) Ruby Anne
Susie Murch
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Has Cathy impacted positively on the
Yes ! Cathy has impacted the community positively by
helping the Indigenous generation of Australia to become
athletes and to believe in their dreams and she is also a role
model to her people for various acts of courage involving the
white people.
Has Cathy impacted negatively on the
Yes ! After Cathy won her races she would
always hold the Australian and Aboriginal
flag running around showing her Country,
but the some Australians never like her doing
that. After a few years, later on they
encourage her to keep holding the Aboriginal
and Australian flag because Cathy freeman
was not ashamed to show her country
whether people liked it or not.
Why I chose Cathy freeman ?
The reason why I chose Cathy freeman is because Cathy freeman is not Ashamed of
what she dose during she runs or what she does after she runs, she is proud of herself
whether she wins or not and she would always have a Smile on her face. Cathy has
been named the 2000 Laureus Female Athlete of the Year, she has represented
Australia in 16 teams, at 5 World championships, 3 Olympics, 3 Commonwealths, 2
World Juniors, 2 World Indoors, and 1 World Cup. She has received 13 medals in
International Competitions, 7 of which have been gold. She has set 9 Australian open
records and is the Commonwealth 400m record holder.
Cathy freeman is a big role model to her people, she loves helping out her people in
anyway she can.
Cathy Freeman Foundation
Cathy freeman has her own Charity or helping company. What
Cathy freeman foundation does is work with indigenous children
or non- indigenous children to do their best to do their best in
their education. Cathy foundation has programs for any children
that need help at and their goal is to create a brighter future for
indigenous children through educational opportunities. Also
Cathy foundation helps Aboriginal education, employment and
Cathy Freeman Foundation is a GREAT Helping
Company for all those indigenous people.
I recommend you to visit their website or call
P +613 9686 4813 | F +613 9686 4190

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