Younis Mahmoud (PE Project)

Younis Mahmoud
Prepared By: Mais Hammoud
The player that I chose to write about is Younis Mahmoud
He plays in Al-Gharafa Club, in Qatar.
Younis Mahmoud is an Iraqi player that played in Al-Gharafa Club
over 10 years and his position is forword(attacking).
Younis Mahmoud always scores goals and he
helps his team win . He also strikes with both
feet to help his team.
My Father enjoys the way Younis Mahmoud moves the ball
and the way he gets in his position in the field to score a
goals an h is the best scorer in the Qatari League.
If I had the honor to ask Mr.Younis Mahmoud I
would ask these 3 questions:
-When did you start playing football?
-Why did you chose Al-Gharafa Club to play with?
-Why did you stop playing with the Iraqi Team?
I used these websites to get the pictures:
And I used my some newspaper to make the project. My
dad also helped me to make the project.

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