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EHR Governance in South Western Ontario
eHealth 2013
Glenn Lanteigne
CIO South West and Waterloo Wellington LHIN and SWO Cluster Lead
May 29, 2013
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Governance at a Provincial Level in Ontario
The Cluster Approach
Framework for an eHealth enabled health care system and EHR:
So where does Governance sit?
Patient / Consumer
Services and Solutions and Care Coordination Services
Health Services
Access, and Integration Solutions
(Referral and Resource Matching, Telemedicine, Service Directories, Scheduling)
Health Information
Access and Sharing Solutions
(Clinical Portals, iEHR, Secure Messaging, Single Sign on, Registries, Repositories ,Consent
Systems and Information
Integration and Business Coordination Services
(Governance & Planning, Policy & Agreements, Privacy, Security & Identity and Access
Management, Integration engines, Data Analysis)
Health System Management
Clinical care transformation
(Portals, Personal Health Record, Self-Management Tools, Telehomecare, System Navigation,
Appointment Scheduling, Secure Messaging)
Care Provider Clinical Systems
Adoption, Standardization and Consolidation
(Hospital Information Systems, Electronic Medical / Client Records)
How will the cSWO EHR Program be managed and governed?
The requirements for an agreement framework is an elaboration of the governance model which defines the spectrum of
agreements which will be required to formalize the relationships, expectations, and required performance between the various
roles within the cSWO EHR Program. Each role will require one or more agreements to establish the expectations of their
various relationships. The proposed governance model and agreements are provided below:
This business model establishes a sustainable, scalable, change-ready capability to evolve the cSWO EHR and other eHealth
services in response to rapidly growing/changing health care system requirements at the local, regional and provincial levels.
What does the Near-Term (18 months) business solution look like?
The near term strategy is pragmatic. The cSWO EHR Program will leverage and integrate proven and existing business
solutions and capabilities within the province (e.g. SWODIN, OLIS) and South West Ontario (e.g. ClinicalConnect, SPIRE, HRM)
to enable the rapid and broad deployment of a robust EHR, and to quickly support the advancement of clinical and system
health transformation priorities of the Province, LHINs and Health Service Providers (e.g. Health Links).
Addressing our Governance Challenges:
The connecting South West Ontario (cSWO) Program
 A regional eHealth program serving
the residents, HSPs and LHINs of
South West Ontario
 cSWO Program Governance design and
implementation plan developed by
LHINs, HSPs and eHealth Ontario
expressly to deal with our eHealth
 cSWO Program’s immediate priority:
eHealth Services which make an
individual’s electronic health care
information …from across the
continuum of care …accessible in a
timely and secure fashion …at any point
of care in South West Ontario
cSWO Planning Project Governance Structure
What does the cSWO EHR Program model look like?
The proposed cSWO business model defines a centralized program management function (Transfer Payment
Agency), to assume overall accountability for the cSWO EHR Program implementation and delivery, directing
and coordinating a series of individual Program Delivery Partners, who are in turn, accountable for a number
of service delivery functions. This model reflects the strategy of knitting together and building on existing
assets and capabilities rather than creating net new.
SWO Delivery Partner & Health Links Governace
Provincial, Regional and Local Health Transformation Priorities
Tying it all together
cSWO EHR Program
Defines Requirements
and Sets Priorities
Provincial, Regional and Local Health Transformation Priorities
Responds, Supports,
Context of Consumer Health
Personal Health Portal
Alberta Netcare provides
 is the
a patient-centered view of
the patient’s health, collected
from service locations
across the province
access point into one’s
personal health record.
It will include both selfentered information and
content from Alberta Netcare
Both of these key
provincial applications
provide value to primary
care networks, as they
help connect all members
of the care team…
including the patient
Governance Review
Competitive Process
Open to all Albertans
First meeting April 4th, 2013 in Edmonton
Demographic Coverage

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