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Neretva Elite Resort
Project location, The project and financial overview
Project owner
 Is the owner of the land and the project initiator
 It is experienced company in a construction field
 With a over 18 years of experience
 Some major projects in Sarajevo and all around
 The project is in the initiation phase and it is
based on the research for highest and best use
Site location
 47 km from Sarajevo Airport to Konjic
 20 minutes away from Konjic
 53 km away from Mostar
 2.5 hours away from the Croatian coast
 The Site is surrounded with a natural beauties
 65% of Konjic area is covered with a forest
 Highway “corridor 5C is expected to be finished in next few year
 The travel duration from the location to major travel points (cities) will
be reduced counted in hours
 The location is 20 minutes away from the future high way
The Site
The River
 Neretva River is the one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
 In its first part of its flow the river water is drinkable
 From the Glavaticevo many recreational sports take place at the river, such as:
 Rafting:
 Kayaking
 Hiking
 Cycling
There is a several sports clubs in Glavaticevo and Konjic
 Mountains in the area
 Bjelasnica mountain is a ski resort
 Prenj
 Visocica
 Igman
 Lakes in the area
 Boracko lake (natural lake)
 Jablanicko lake
The Site- legal issues
 The site is in the single private ownership of INTEGRAL-ELEKTRO
 Category of the site – for construction
 There is no legal limitations
 Under the Authority of Konjic municipality
 Obtain environmental permits in the final phase
 APPROVAL of municipality of Konjic-Mayor
 Drawing plan of “Nertva elit resort”
 Geology report
The Site
The project
The Project
 Serenity and nature are united in
offering unique experience
The whole resort is design as top-notch community where
serenity and nature are united in offering unique
experience. The accent is given to natural resources and
beauty of what B&H can offer. Regardless to season, the
resort design accommodates community’s needs, whether
to escape from summer heat, or to enjoy in a white Bosnian
The community Resort is design as separate entity
independent from the surrounding with the green fence;
the community access is possible only via the control gate,
what allows privacy to the community residents. The site is
divided into 70 parcels allocated for individual villas, the
community center with kindergarten and the mosque is
located in the center of the community next to the small
lake surrounded with a greenery. The recreation area,
tennis court, football court, Volleyball court, Basketball
court, Indoor and Outdoor poll, are located at the west site
of the site next to the Resort entrance. The parking and
rent-a-care (travel agent) and retail area are at the
entrance of the resort from the left side while hotel with a
restaurant is on the right side of the entrance.
The recreation area covers more then 3000 sqm of total
site. Pedestrian track and cycling track is designed along
the river shore.
 Top-notch design
 70 villas -Three types of villas
 Pedestrian zone along the river
 Recreation center
 Community center
 The Hotel
 Retail Area
The Villa
 There is 70 villas
 Three types of villas
Plot area
 Each villa consists of
Net Area
number of
Residential area
Two paring spaces
Type 1
Backyard and front yard
Sizes of the villa plot vary from the 450 to 750 sqm
Type 2
Type 3
 The idea behind design is
“Strong Community”
And the most important - water
The Villa type 1
The Villa Type 2
The Villa Type 3
SWOT analysis
Natural resources
Perfect climatic
conditions during the
whole year
Good position
Distance to the
Sarajevo airport
Customers from GCC
counties who bought
property in BH have to
register company in
order to sign ownership
of property.
Increasing number of
GCC guest
Construction period to
be longer than
Amazing location and
easy travel to Bosnian
touristic attractions
The resort operation is a
main generator of
business developments
Employments of local
Market Analysis
There is a lack of the high-end developments such as the Resort. In last few years potential
buyers are looking into investing in a similar projects. Most of the developments are taking
place in Sarajevo while not many or not even one is undergoing in natural surrounding.
Sarajevo is emerging market mostly for hotels and administrative building while Konjic is
unexplored city for high investments.
As a reference, number of touristic is increasing each year, especially during a summer
period. Out of overall visitors to Bosnia and Herzegovina there is an increasing interest of
visitors from GCC countries.
 Financial structure is projected as an indicator of future
costs and possible returns on a investment
 Projections are subject of change
 Full financial report can be issued upon written request
 Project operation structure can be issued upon the
request and with a sole approval from the project owner
 Loans or mortgages are not included
 Initial Financial breakdown structure has a positive
 All values are in Euros
Financial indicators

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