The Gates Foundation

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The Foundation was formed in 1994
as the William H. Gates Foundation.
The Foundation focused on global health and
community needs in the Pacific Northwest.
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Then, in 2000, this Foundation merged
with the Gates Learning Foundation
and became the…
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The Foundation has 4 core values:
1. Optimism
2. Collaboration
3. Rigor
4. Innovation
Remember these
core values!!!
Today we’ll focus on the Foundation’s
The Global Health Program (GHP)
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The GHP tries to improve the efficiency
of distributing medical care.
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When treatment is not available,
grants from the Foundation fund the
science to creates new therapies.
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The Foundation provides millions of
dollars in grants.
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The Foundation educates the public
about global health issues.
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“If we invest relatively modest
amounts, many more poor farmers will
be able to feed their families. If we
don’t, one in seven people will
continue living needlessly on the edge
of starvation.”
Does this sound familiar???
All of these things are good, but…
For every foundation, there are
Remember the core values I
mentioned earlier?
The Foundation was questioned for
granting money to partners whose
standards didn’t align with their core
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In low-income settings, systems in
place are negatively affected by the
funds of the Gates Foundation.
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Which side contains the truth?
The Foundation is responsible for their
impact on natural resources, the
community, and public policy.
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The Foundation should focus its research
funding to knowledgeable individuals in the
medical workforce in low-income countries.
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