SAM First Responder Process*

SAM First Responder Process…
Empowering others so the
principal can increase
instructional focus
SAM First Responder Process…
Welcome and Introductions
Workshop Facilitators
Brenda Anderson
[email protected]
Rick Delagardelle
[email protected]
SAM First Responder Process…
SAM Participant Introductions
Name /Role
School Location / Size / Grade Span
A SAM school for ___ Years?
What do you hope to learn in this presentation?
SAM First Responder Process…
Success Today Is To …
 Identify the components of the First Responder Process
 Share and discuss ideas to enhance successful
implementation of the First Responder Process
 Plan next steps to grow your school’s First Responder
 Answer questions to your satisfaction
SAM First Responder Process…
Why is the Process Important? …
 Supports the principal’s focus on instructional
 Provides efficient, effective, and quick response to
students, staff and parents
 Builds leadership capital within the school
 Builds a professional learning community in which
responsibilities are shared
SAM First Responder Process…
 Develop the First Responder List (Fab 5 +)
 Invite the First Responders: “The Ask”
 Train the First Responders
 Close the Loop
 Communicate the Process to All Audiences
 Support First Responders
SAM First Responder Process…
Developing/Growing the List
• What areas have already been identified and
assigned to others?
• What issues interrupt the principal daily?
• Who is already doing management work?
• Who is available to assist with management work?
• Who has the skills and knowledge required for a
specific area?
SAM First Responder Process…
“The Ask”
 Explain why you need help
 Share your “Teachable Point of View”
 Would you help me be a better instructional leader?
 Ask, don’t tell
 Would you take the first shot at solving specific
management issues?
 You would be responsible for trying, not solving.
SAM First Responder Process…
Training First Responders
 What are the responsibilities and expectations?
 When to refer to the principal? (Hand back)
 What Would the Principal Do (WWPD)
 Communication Skills (validation, what we can do, ask don’t tell)
 Principal and FR determine communication protocols
 What does the principal want/need to know?
 How is the information shared?
 Close the Loop
SAM First Responder Process…
Communicating the Process to …
 PTA, open house, curriculum events, school council
 Website, newsletters, school handbook
 Office posters
 Staff meetings
 Business partners
 Other opportunities
SAM First Responder Process…
Monitoring / Supporting the Process
 Is your First Responder Process working well ?
 Do First Responders receive coaching and feedback ?
 Feedback: Directive
 Feedback: Non-Directive
 Feedback: Celebration
 What would the First Responders say about their roles ?
 If you wanted to change something, what would it be?
SAM First Responder Process…
Any Questions ?
 Share an idea that you heard today that you will use in your
school to enhance your school’s First Respodonder Process.
SAM First Responder Process…
Thank You for Your Efforts!!
May Your Days be Always Green

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