Rev-er-ent-ly: adverb: deeply respectful

Rev-er-ent-ly: adverb: deeply
Scab-bard: noun: a sheath for a knife
or sword
Tar-ry: verb: to linger OR to be tardy
Breach: verb: to break in OR to violate
a relationship
En-trea-ty: noun: a fervent request
La-den: adjective: burdened, weighed
Ar-ray: noun: a large and impressive
grouping OR verb: to clothe with
ornamental garments
Dis-pelled: verb: to cause to vanish
Gar-ments: noun: clothing
Il-lus-tri-ous: adjective: highly
Ma-l-ady: noun: a disorder or disease
Re-comp-ensed: verb: to repay
U-na-nim-ity: noun: all are in
agreement, a consensus
Dif-fuse: verb: to scatter or disperse,
to disseminate
Af-fab-il-ity: adjective: pleasantly easy
to talk with

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