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“Bullying is extremely dangerous because it can
have unintended consequences and be
escalated to even more serious violence and
abuse,”. Just as you have gateway drugs,
bullying, I think, is a gateway to hate.”
“We simply have not taken the problem of
bullying seriously enough.”
“A school where children don’t feel safe, is a
school where children struggle to learn.”
– Arne Duncan, U.S. Education Secretary
1 out of 4 kids is bullied.
Approximately 25,000 children attend
Laredo I.S.D.
School bullying statistics surveys show that
77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally,
& physically.
Cyber bullying is rapidly approaching high
1 out of 5 kids on a school bullying statistics
and cyber bullying statistics study admit to
being a bully, or doing some “Bullying.”
Each day 160,000 students miss school for
fear of being bullied.
43% of students feared being bullied in
100,000 students carry a gun to school.
Bullying is considered a form of Terrorism.
28% of students who carry weapons witness
violence at home.
Magan Meier Story
Jessi Slaughter Story
More kids are participating—and even
encouraging bullies to victimize others.
There have been numerous criminal cases
because of bullying. It causes “toxic shame,”
which is destructive to one’s sense of worth
(Garbarino, 1999).
It causes some students to harm themselves,
cutting themselves, for example.
Thirty percent of all child suicides can be directly
related to bullying (Hawker & Boulton, 2000).
It may raise suicide risk in bystanders who are
considering suicide for other reasons.
Every environment is social, and there seems to be
no escape. “Every day of school can be a new social
mine field” (Simmons, 2002).
Dr. Schwall's talks about what can be done to
control bullying.
11 year old Ziainey Stokes writes
to President Obama. She began her
very own anti-bullying Club after
being a victim of bullying.
President’s Response: “Your letter demonstrates a
desire to change the culture of your classroom as
well as your community,” he wrote. ”You deserve a
safe, engaging, and enjoyable classroom, and
together we will strive to make this a reality.”
Identify high risk times and areas.
Bully Free Classroom/School Posters/Brochures
Promotion of Character Education
Teachers and Staff Modeling Kindness,
Acceptance, Respect, and Responsibility.
Implement Bullying Policy and have students sign
Bully Free Pledge for Students.
Ask parents to sign a Bully Free Pledge for
Adopt a Community Involvement Plan to bring in
guest speakers.
Implement a student involvement and
empowerment plan (resolution plan).
Celebrate success and plan for next year.
School-Wide Student Survey Pre and Post
Bi-Weekly Meetings
Reciting of Pledge (Mission and Goals)
Character Education
Duties: Morning and After School Student
Reports, School Presentations
Community Outreach
Teacher’s, Staff’s & Administrators’ Responsibility
Bullying Referrals
Teacher’s Testimony
“The Bully Busters provide the students with a sense of
security while being escorted to their classrooms. I feel
that every school should have this program to promote
a safe environment for all students. Thank you Bully
Busters for a job well done!”-Mrs. Nancy Garza
 Principal’s Testimony
“Having Bully Busters on campus has reduced the
number of referrals. The students involved take pride
in being a part of this club”-Ms. Ana Maria Campos
Parent’s Testimony
“In the past, I have seen my son get bullied harming his
self-esteem. Being a Bully Buster has raised his selfesteem knowing that he is a part of solving a problem
that has affected him. “-Mrs. T. Guerrero
 Student’s Testimony
Video of Student
Robin D'Antona, Ed.D. is a founding Board
101 Facts about Bullying: What Everyone
Should Know
Member of the International Bullying
Prevention; website: www.stopbullyingma.org
By Meline Kevorkian and Robin D'Antona
Suicide Victims Stories www.abcnews.go.com
Bullying Prevention for Schools: A Step-byStep Guide for Implementing a Successful
Anti-bullying Program by Allan L. Beane.

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