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Presentation outline
» The problem
» Scenario
» The product
» Testimonials
» Conclusion
IT pain points
In the UK, only 45% of SME had security measures in place to manage
portable storage device network access
– GFI SME Security Report, 2009
59% of ex-employees admit to stealing confidential company information,
such as customer contact lists
– Ponemon Institute, 2009
Insider abuse of networks was second-most frequently occurring threat, at
44%, followed by theft of laptops and other mobile devices (42%)
– CSI Survey, 2008
67% of UK businesses do nothing to prevent confidential data leaving on
USB sticks, etc.
– Information Security Breaches Survey, 2008
» Employee has an iPod with 80GB storage space
» Transfers half a gigabyte of corporate data in less than 10 minutes
» Sensitive company information (such as product plans and designs,
sales and accounting information, product design, human resources
track records) are sold to a third-party, that could be a competitor
» Employee loses his USB stick containing security sensitive information.
A look at conventional control methods
» Banning all device usage in an organization
» Blocking drives on every computer
» Blocking connection ports on every computer
» Physically monitoring all connections
» None of these are feasible solutions in today’s business environment
Regain control with GFI EndPointSecurity™
» The key to managing portable device use is to install an endpoint security
solution that gives administrators control over what devices are in use,
have been used and by whom and in-depth knowledge of what data has
been copied
» GFI EndPointSecurity provides comprehensive control on use of iPods,
USB drives and all other popular portable devices
» Actively manage user access and log the activity of:
□ Media players, including iPod, Creative Zen and others
□ USB sticks, CompactFlash, memory cards, CDs, floppies and
other portable storage devices
Smartphones, Blackberry handhelds, mobile phones and similar
communication devices
Network cards, laptops and other network connections
Top features (1/2)
» Volume encryption for removable storage devices
» Granular access control, through the use of read-only and read/write
permissions on a user-by-user and device-by-device basis
» Controls data transfers involving removable devices through real file type
checking and content awareness
» Data leakage risk assessment capabilities
» Automated client-side agent deployment
» Group-based protection control
» Logs device-related user activity
Top features (2/2)
» Allows administrators to block devices by class, file extensions,
physical port or device ID from a single location
» Allows administrators to grant temporary device or port access for a
stipulated timeframe
» Centrally monitors the network, detects connected devices and
performs various tasks
» Allows data on removable devices to be encrypted to prevent data
loss or theft
Product snapshot
GFI EndPointSecurity management console
Product snapshot
GFI EndPointSecurity configuration options
Product snapshot
Device access statistics
GFI EndPointSecurity monitors
and controls device usage
Product benefits
» Protect intellectual property and security sensitive information
» A thorough and complete solution to control use of portable storage media
such as PDAs, Flash drives, iPods, smartphones, digital cameras
» Prevents data leakage/theft and prevents productivity loss
» Prevents introduction of malware and unauthorized software on the
network through BYOD
» Easy-to-follow user interface
» Supports latest operating systems from Microsoft
Available in the following languages:
GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack add-on
» The GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack is a full-fledged reporting add-on
to GFI EndPointSecurity
» This reporting package can be scheduled to automatically generate
graphical IT-level and management reports based on data collected
by GFI EndPointSecurity
» Report on devices connected to the network, device usage trends by
machine or by user, files copied to and from devices (including actual
names of files copied) and much more
ReportPack snapshot (1/2)
Device usage report
ReportPack snapshot (2/2)
Executive trend report
What’s new in GFI EndPointSecurity 2013 (1/2)
Data leakage risk assessment capabilities on new dashboard
» The risk assessment engine will assess the risk level of the endpoints
and the network based on activity, usage of removable devices, their
type and the protective measures in place
» The dashboard will provide visually concise information on the items
which require attention as well as advice on how to decrease the risk
» The risk assessment can be performed on request or based on a
schedule and will provide visibility into all the devices ever used on the
network, even the ones which are not connected at the time of the
What’s new in GFI EndPointSecurity 2012 (2/2)
Data awareness
» The product enhances the file type checking functionality by delivering
data aware control of files transiting the endpoints on removable devices
» Content awareness supports configuration of the search values in the
form of regular expressions or dictionary files
» The product ships with a set of predefined regular expressions and
dictionaries to detect well known security sensitive information such as
credit card numbers or ID card numbers out of the box
» The content awareness module supports the popular document types
such as .doc, .docx, plain text, .pdf, etc
Enhanced file control capabilities
» Real file type checking now works with embedded archives
» There are now options to define the scope of file type checking and
content checking based on file size
Product testimonials
“Information is our business. Our Firm’s client data is confidential.
As Forensic Accounting and work with large Corporate customers represents
circa 40% of our business, we need to be able to stop anyone unauthorized
from gaining access to the data and then from removing it. GFI LanGuard
Portable Storage Control (now GFI EndPointSecurity) allows us to control
who can put information onto a computer or take information
from a computer.”
– Timothy O’Reilly, Managing Partner, MKO Partners Chartered Accountants,
Dublin, Ireland
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Product kudos
» Thousands of customers worldwide use GFI EndPointSecurity
» Numerous product awards, a few listed below:
GFI product complements
» Best incorporated with:
□ GFI LanGuard®
for security scanning and patch management
□ GFI EventsManager®
for active monitoring and network-wide event log management
» The quantum leap in portable storage device technology has made it
easier for data thieves to get away with sensitive corporate data
» Administrators must have a way to technologically control the use of
portable storage devices
» GFI EndPointSecurity is the technological solution which:
Prevents data theft and protects intellectual property
Safeguards network operability by blocking malicious software
Supports productivity by blocking games and other non-work related files
Supports legal compliance by blocking objectionable material and pirate software
» Excellent pricing!
Corporate overview
» Offices located around the globe: USA (North Carolina, California and
Florida), UK (London and Dundee), Australia, Austria, Romania,
and Malta
» Hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide
» Trusted by thousands of companies around the world
» GFI products are sold by a global network of thousands of partners
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