Academic Leadership Retreat Presentation

Academic Leadership Retreat
August 15, 2011
Prepping for Launch
 Honed
and simplified student learning
 Global Learning Cultural Events
 Developed and refined assessment
 Planned professional development
conference for September 17.
Simplifying the SLOs
 Revised
in response to feedback from
SACS site visit team and those reviewing
assessment instruments.
 The SLOs are still
Global Knowledge
Global Attitudes
Global Engagement
New Language
SLO 1: Global Knowledge. Seniors will demonstrate
significantly greater global knowledge than
beginning freshmen.
SLO 2: Global Attitudes. Seniors’ attitudes will
demonstrate a greater acceptance of cultural
difference than those of beginning freshmen.
SLO 3: Global Engagement. Seniors will engage in
diverse intercultural groups and settings more
often and more effectively than beginning
What We Will Assess
Global Knowledge:
Global Attitudes
Acceptance of difference
Global Engagement
Facts, Ideas, and Concepts
Short Hand: What do students know? What do
students think? What do students do?
GLI Assessment: Global
Learning Evaluation
 The
Global Learning Evaluation is a 60
item, multiple choice assessment
developed in-house to measure student
learning on all three SLOs.
Summer 2011: Instrument developed
August 2011: Samples of Freshmen and
Seniors (baselines and to set benchmarks)
Beginning in November 2011: Regular
administration to representative samples of
students for assessment purposes.
Cultural Events
 Developed
a process to identify Global
Learning Cultural Events.
 Added identifier to University Events and
Cultural Events Calendars.
 Logo for publicity purposes:
Cultural Events Assessment
Representative sample of cultural events.
Paper instrument distributed and collected by
Questions tied to all SLOs, plus some
demographic questions.
Instrument is available here:
University College staff will compile and report
results to hosting departments and to the
University community.
GLI and ULC Assessment Using
Student Writing Samples
Revised rubrics for assessing senior capstone
papers and HMXP 102 papers to include:
GLI assessment
University-Level Competencies
Created rubric to assess ACAD 101 reflection
Old and new rubrics will be available on the
University College faculty resource page.
Minor Change to Syllabus
 To
track participation in the GLI
through syllabi statements.
 To communicate to students and
entire campus community that GLI
is pervasive.
 To be included on all syllabi in
courses with global learning
components, even those not in the
Touchstone Program.
Syllabus Policy Language
“This course participates in the Global Learning
Initiative. The global learning component(s) of this
course is/are the following:” {insert list} For example, “a
comparison of the US Bill of Rights and the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights,” or “Students will read
nine culturally different versions of the Cinderella story,”
or “Students will engage with non-native English
speaking students attending Rock Hill public schools.”
Courses in foreign language or those approved to meet
the Touchstone Program’s Global Perspectives
requirement may simply state, “This course participates
in the Global Learning Initiative by its very nature.”
Save the Date
 Global
Learning Initiative Professional
Development Conference
 Saturday, September 17, 2011
 DiGiorgio Campus Center
 Open to all faculty and staff -- presenters
and observers alike.
Thank you.

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