Feb. 6 Meeting - Shakopee Public Schools

February 6, 2015
Creative Expression
D1: Chinmayi Gawde
D1: Brandyn DeMers
D2: Dameesh Kumar
D3: Koushik Mamidala
D4: Shanav Nath
D5: Himani Joshi
D1: Cheyenne
D2: Rhea George
D3: Avisha Bhalla
D4: Nicholas Bangar
Duo Interpretation
D1: Hunter /Strohmeyer
D2: Heidal/ Martin
Reading D1: Annie
D1: Bridget Gnanagururaj
D2: Leticia Wamulumba
D3: Madeline Rice
D4: Saipooja Eega
D5: Sam Fountain
D6: Tejesh Bhimavarapu
Humorous Interpretation 
D1: Austin Gilbert
D2: Mishka Thacker
D3: Riley Gunter
Informative Speaking
D1: Alanna Hentges
D2: Caroline Flaten
D3: Ikran Mursal
D4: Justine Holm
D5: Mallory Glynn
D6: Kim Ngo
D7: Saloni Desai
D8: Catherine Younger
Original Oratory
D1: Ben Allard
D2: Kruthi Krishnappa
D3: Nikita Bantey
D4: Raghu Inturi
D5: Ankita Bantey
D6: Nikita Patole
Poetry Reading
D1: Anna Ly
D2: Leslie Garcia
Prose Reading
D1: Bonia Biju
D2: Rossa Sabu
D3:Valisa Teekdharry
D1: Elizabeth Wendt
Public Shaming:
I have created an event for each
◦ Accept or Decline the event
based on whether or not you
plan to compete
Ankita Bantey
Anna Ly
Anna Weier
Austin Gilbert
Bonia Biju
Conrad Johnson
Ethan Martin
Karlie Nelson
Mackenzie Farkas
Nicholas Bangar
Rhea George
Riley Gunter
Saipooja Eega
Samuel Smith
Sara Villalobos
Shanav Nath
Tejesh Bhimavarapu
Practice for next week:
Regular practice times apply for this week.
Monday: Heavy Interp with Tremain and Webster
Tuesday: Light Interp with Wilson and PA with TenEyck
Thursday: Intensive practice by appointment w/ Tabke &Evenson
Friday: Team Meeting
Saturday: Prior Lake
Tomorrow: Bus leaves at 7:15 – Activities Entrance (Back)
Draws start at 8:45 a.m., and Round I will begin at
9:15 a.m.
There will be three rounds with a final this year.
We estimate that finals will begin at 2:00 P.M and
awards at 4:00.
There will be a concession stand available to students
throughout the morning and over the noon hour.
Storytelling draws are from the first 10 stories
Extemp. Reading will be from the first 10 selections of
Discussion Topics 1 will be used.
Go Team!
 Drink lots of water.
 Have a good breakfast.
 Be on the bus before 7:15.

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