Engaging People With Mental Ill Health And Disabilities In Sport And

Engaging people with mental illhealth and disabilities in sport and
physical activity
West Oxfordshire District Council
Jenny Bennett – Leisure Development Officer
Rachel Biles – Leisure Development Officer
w wLeisure
w . w e s and
t o x Tourism
o n .g o v .u k
• Successful In it together for adults with
learning disabilities
• Identified gaps in provision for adults with
mental ill health
• Undertook extensive research with
various user groups to establish a need
• Replicated the In it together model for this
target group
w w w .w e s t o x o n .g o v .u k
What the consultation showed…
Sedentary lifestyle
Main barriers
Sports of interest
w w w .w e s t o x o n .g o v .u k
Aims and objectives
• Create more opportunities for disabled
people to take part in sport
• Support local clubs to develop their
inclusive opportunities
• Raise the profile of disability and
Paralympic sports
w w w .w e s t o x o n .g o v .u k
w w w .w e s t o x o n .g o v .u k
What happened next……
• Of the three sports offered Boccia was
most popular
• Therefore established a regular Boccia
session with the leisure centre
• Trained up one of the participants who
has mental ill health and is now delivering
within her setting
w w w .w e s t o x o n .g o v .u k
Why our project was successful…
Good consultation
Providing Inspirational coaches
Offer free taster sessions
Subsidising session costs
Accessible/desirable locations and time
Offer flexibility on attendance
Working in partnership with organisations
Building relationships with target participants
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Other successful projects
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Any questions?
Thank you for your time!
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