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of Sonoma County
Planting Community Seeds
February 2, 2013
Windsor Community Garden
Sunrise Community Garden, Petaluma
• Connecting and strengthening community
gardens throughout Sonoma County
Material and technical assistance
Partnerships with complementary
• Seed funding from Sonoma County
Department of Health Services
Kawana Community Organic Garden, Santa Rosa
• Fiscal sponsor Daily Acts
• Guided by volunteer Standing Committee: Zuli Baron, Heidi
Fantacone, Arlie Haig, Wendy Krupnick, Sara McCamant, Lynn Renn
About Our Community Gardens
• 80+ community gardens in Sonoma County
• Variety of garden types: individual/plot-based (allotment) or
collective; public or private property; open to public or for limited
group; personal, donation, or educational
• Variety of sizes, layouts, and locations
• Our garden specifics
Allotment -- 27
Resident/Member -- 23
Educational -- 12
Charitable/Donation -- 10
Other -- 13
• Mostly < ¼ acre, volunteer coordinators,
minimal resources
McNear Community Garden, Petaluma
Gardens Needs Assessment
What are the most common challenges that our CGs face?
(Assessment from site visits, survey, Standing Committee experience)
• Engaging garden members to take on responsibilities and follow rules
• Lack of information and resources, connection to other gardens
• Gardening knowledge/experience: Pest/disease ID and control; amending
garden beds; year-round gardening; composting; irrigation; crabgrass!
• Public outreach and volunteer
• Insufficient funds for soil, plants,
seeds, tools, fencing, etc.
• Short-term or no written agreement
for the property
Ways CGNSC Can Help
• Networking Opportunities and Infrastructure—events, website and
online resources, subregional groups, facilitation of mentoring and
• Information and Education Resources—funding and event
notifications, e-newsletter, website, articles and manuals
• Public Outreach—notify and educate the public about importance
of CGs, gardening and volunteer opportunities, garden events
• Policy—promote community
gardening to decision-makers
and support related policy,
program, funding changes
Juilliard Park
Community Garden,
Santa Rosa
Ways CGNSC Can Help
• Training/Education—Promote and facilitate class, workshop, and
other educational opportunities; gardening and
leadership/management training
• Material and Technical Assistance—Consultation with gardens,
work with property owners, assistance to new gardens, linking to
low/no cost materials, fundraising assistance
Lydia Commons Community Garden, Rohnert Park
What You Can Do
• Give us feedback and suggestions
• Network with other gardeners today and in future
• Visit tables of organizations here today for resources, learning
• Contact CGNSC for garden visits,
more information and resources
• Share your garden photos and
documents with us
• Take our online survey:
• Visit our website:
• Check your garden’s info in the
online directory for accuracy
Sonoma Garden Park
What you Can Do
• Attend meetings of the Standing Committee, 2 nd Wednesdays of
each month, 6-8pm
• Volunteer for Standing Committee workgroups—fundraising,
policies and procedures, website, programs and services, 350
Garden Challenge
• Run for a seat on the Standing Committee
Monte Rio
Breakout Groups
• Approximately ½ hour to share challenges & successes in 4 groups
• Choose a notetaker (notes will be posted on CGNSC website)
• Breakout Groups:
• Recruiting and Sustaining Volunteers (for donation/charitable gardens and
others relying on volunteer labor)
• Sustaining Gardener Enthusiasm
and Participation (for plot-based
or collective gardens oriented
toward personal food
• Maintaining Soil Fertility (how
to care for your garden’s soil)
• Irrigation Management (best
watering practices and how to
implement them)
Oasis Community Garden, Cloverdale
Community Garden Network
of Sonoma County (CGNSC)
Autumn Buss
CGNSC Coordinator
[email protected]

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