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December 2014
What is Data2X?
Data2X, named for the power women have to
multiply progress in their societies, advances
gender equality and women’s empowerment.
How? By building partnerships to improve data
collection and demonstrating how better data on
the status of women and girls can guide policy,
leverage investments, and inform global
development agendas.
Dec. 15 Progress Event
On December 15, 2014, Data2X will host a Progress
Event with Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Chelsea
Clinton and partners. Since its launch in 2012, Data2X
has identified gender data gaps and served as a platform
for partnerships to power a gender ‘data revolution’. The
event on December 15th will announce new partnerships
around six key gender data gaps.
Why Data2X? Why Now?
Together, we can create a gender data revolution.
More and better data is needed to drive progress for
girls and women globally. Good data is essential to
good policy, and it is clear that a lack of gender data has
hindered the course of gender equality and women’s
The investments we make today will pay dividends
tomorrow. To create a true gender data revolution, we
need to bring together partners from the private, public
and social sectors to fund this critical work.
The time is now: As the world’s attention turns to the
post-2015 global development framework, we must
ensure measurable, realistic targets are included to
advance gender equality.
Sample Tweets
Handles & Hashtags to Follow:
Before Event
What is #Data2X? Find out more: [graphic]
More & better #GenderData via @Data2X is essential to track progress & create
smart policy #Data2X [graphic]
Can't find the solution if you don't understand the problem- @Data2X is partnering
to fill #GenderDataGaps #Data2X [graphic]
"Data is more than counting people–it’s making sure people count"@Kathy_Calvin
@Data2X helps make women count #data2X [graphic]
We are living in a #GenderData “black hole at the center of our data-driven
[email protected] #Data2X [graphic]
.@Data2X aims to fill #GenderData Gaps through meaningful partnerships.
#Data2X [graphic]
You can’t finish a puzzle with only half the pieces
@Data2X partners to find the missing pieces for women&girls
.@Data2X + @HillaryClinton + @MikeBloomberg + @ChelseaClinton +
@Bloombergdotorg+ @ClintonFdn + @unfoundation = #GenderDataRevolution!
What is #GenderData and why does it matter? Learn more at
“Data not only measures progress, it inspires it.”- @HillaryClinton
Join @Data2X on 12/15 #Data2X
“In God we trust, everyone else bring data”- @MikeBloomberg
On 12/15, Watch the #Data2X Progress Event LIVE:
Join @Data2X Progress Event on 12/15 to learn how #Data2X is powering the
#GenderDataRevolution. Live streaming here:
On 12/15 @HillaryClinton @MikeBloomberg will join @Data2X to announce new partnerships 4
Be a part of the #GenderDataRevolution on 12/15 w/ @Data2X Progress Event.
On 12/15 be a part of the #GenderDataRevolution w/ @Data2X @HillaryClinton &
@MikeBloomberg @Kathy_Calvin LIVE:
On 12/15 be a part of the #GenderDataRevolution w/ @Data2X @ClintonFnd &
@Bloombergdotorg @unfoundation LIVE:
Understanding Meaningful Data: "It's how we minimize risk & maximize [email protected]
On 12/15 Join #GenderDataRevolution w/ @Data2X
Day Of
Be a part of #GenderDataRevolution happening NOW! Watch @Data2X Progress Event LIVE: Lineup:
Sample Facebook Posts
About Data2X
“We keep statistics on everything we care about, from RBIs to
ROI, the daily ups and downs of the Dow and our bank
accounts. So if we’re serious about narrowing the gender gap
and helping more girls and women, then we must get serious
about gathering and analyzing the data that tell the tale.”
– Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
On 12/15 #Data2X will announce meaningful partnerships to
spur a gender data revolution. (graphic1)
“In too many countries we lack reliable and regular data on even
the basic facts about the lives of women and girls…And since
women make up half the population, that’s like having a black
hole at the center of our data-driven universe.”
– Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
Join the Gender Data Revolution on 12/15 with #Data2X
(graphic 2)
Download graphics:
Thank you for supporting us in the Gender Data Revolution!
Tune in on December 15, 2014 at 10:30 AM ET for a live-stream of
the event with Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Kathy Calvin,
and Chelsea Clinton here:
For media inquiries, please contact Katherine Brandon at [email protected] For all other inquiries,
please email [email protected]

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