Chapter 5: Building the City of God

Chapter 5: Building the City
of God
Holiness in the Wilderness, Leadership in the World
(pgs. 82-101)
Monasticism: The Quest for
Antony of Egypt: Pioneer Hermit
◦ “Sell All You Own”
◦ The Appeal of the Hermits’ Wisdom
◦ A Tenderhearted Monk
Why Monasticism?
◦ Toward “Purity of Heart”
 Thomas Merton
◦ Love as the Fruit of Prayer
Basil’s Rule for Communal Monastic
Jerome:The Monk as Scholar
◦ Student and Convert
◦ A Bible for the Common Person
 Pope encouraged the translation of the Christian
Testament and the Psalms into Latin
 Traveled to Bethlehem, built a monastery and
several convents
 Latin Vulgate: the version in the common language
of the people of the West
 For Review pg. 88
The Legacy of Ambrose and
Ambrose:The Reluctant Leader
◦ The People’s Choice
◦ Administrator, Student, Teacher, and Pastor
◦ Courage in the Face of Imperial Power
Augustine: Longing for “the City of God”
In Search of Meaning
From Convert to Bishop
An Answer to Life’s Longing
Challenges to Erring Groups
 The Donatists and the validity of the sacraments
 The Pelagians and the power of grace
◦ “The City of God”
For Review pg. 97
The Rising Influence of the
Leo the Great: Redefining the Pope’s
◦ The “Supreme Pontiff”
◦ The Pope as Peacemaker
Leo and Church Controversies
◦ The Council of Chalcedon: Jesus Has Two
 A real human and the real Son of God
◦ Toward Conflict Between Eastern and
Western Christians

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