Objective: add –er and –est to short adverbs to
compare actions.
Add more and most to longer adverbs and words that
end in –ly.
 Adjectives are used to compare people, places, and
things. You can also use adverbs to make comparisons.
Add –er to short adverbs to compare two actions. Add
–est to compare three or more actions.
One action
Two actions
Three or more
Ken skis fast.
Tim skies faster
than Ken does.
Jill skies the
fastest of the
 For most adverbs that end in –ly use more or most to
compare two actions. Use more to compare two
actions. Use most to compare three or more actions.
One action
Two actions
Three or more
Jill swam
Did Tim swim
more gracefully
than Jill?
Kevin swam the
most gracefully of
1. Amy works (harder, hardest) of all the
Amy learned the swan dive (more
quickly, most quickly) than Ruth did.
The back flip took (longer, longest) of
all to learn.
Ben dives (more skillfully, most
skillfully) than Amy’s last teacher.
He works (more closely, most closely)
of all with Amy.
7. Does Ben keep his legs (straighter,
straightest) than Amy does?
8. Amy tries to spring (higher, highest) than
Ben does.
9. Ben skips onto the water (more quietly,
most quietly) of all.
10. Robert arrives at the park ____ than we
did. (soon)
11. We waited ____ than he did for the concert
to begin. (patiently)
12. Of all our group, Fran sat ____ to the
bandstand. (near)
13. Today we practiced _______ than we did yesterday.
14. Of all the team members, Fatima skated _______.
15. Does Jackie skate _______ than Shawn? (quickly)
16. Andrew jumps _______ of us all. (highest)
17. Of everyone on the team, Tara tries ______! (hardest)
18. Richie’s relay team ran ______ than my brother’s
team. (swiftly)
19. Meredith ran _______ of all the students. (fast)
20. I watched her _______ of all the runners. (closely)
21. She crossed the finish line ______ than the rest.
22. The runners moved _______ than the wheelchair
racers. (slowly)
22. She watched the musicians ___ than
we did. (closely)
23. We cheered ____ of all for “The Stars
and Stripes for Ever.” (eagerly)
The band has to play loud than the
noisy crowd. The flutes play softlier
than the horns. The boom of the
drum sounds most loudest of all. We
heard it soonest than the horns. That
boom travels quicklyest to our ears!

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