Compiling A Newsletter: The Basics - Illinois

By: Danni Ondraskova,
Iolian Editor, Whitney Young
A Few Things To Keep In Mind
 If you want Key Club International to officially recognize
your newsletter, you must follow Graphic Standards (which
ensures all Key Club Newsletters a common overall format).
 Graphic Standards will be covered in this Powerpoint.
 If you would like more information on Graphic Standards, go
to or get a Graphic
Standards CD from me, which includes all the materials that
should be included in your newsletter (talk to me afterward
if you want one).
Graphic Standards: Logo Tidbits
 You will need a KCI logo on the front of your newsletter, on
a white or neutral background. The logo itself can
be black, white, or blue-white. There should be
nothing within ½ an inch of all sides of the logo,
which can be at the most 1 ½ by 1 ½ inches.
• You also need an I-I District logo. The same rules
apply, except you cannot use any other versions with
different colors. Maximum dimensions are the same.
•The 3rd and final logo you need on the front is shown on the
right. Maximum dimensions: around ½ an inch by 1 1/2
inches. All of the other rules apply.
Graphic Standards: Back Page
•You need to have all of the same information here.
•Just copy the format and put it on the bottom.
•It should ONLY be on the back page.
•If you need help with this, email me at
[email protected]
The Pencil A.K.A. The Centerpiece
 This is as crucial part of your newsletter.
 It only needs to be somewhere on the front page.
 Maximum dimensions: 8 ½ inches by ½ an inch.
Fonts: Keeping It Consistent

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