Access of official microdata in a decentralised statistical system. Spain
Second Regional Workshop on “Microdata Access in European Countries:
Cooperation between National Statistical Institutes and Data Archives”
Athens, Greece, 29-30 September 2014
Statistical organization in Spain
The highest-level legal reference in Spain
regarding statistical activity is found in the
Spanish Constitution of 1978, article 149.
The Law 12/1989, of 9 May, on the Public
Statistical Services (LFEP) contains the basic
legal regulations for carrying out the statistical
activity in the General State Administration.
According to the LFEP, the public statistical function in the
scope of the GSA is developed by the National Statistics
Institute (INE); the ministerial department units and those of
any other public institutions dependent on them; and the
Bank of Spain. The advisory bodies are the High Council on
Statistics, the Interministerial Statistics Commission and the
Interterritorial Statistics Committee.
Given the administrative organization in Spain, there is a
statistical system for each Autonomous Community. This
system creates statistics for its territorial area, which is
entrusted by the respective legal standards (autonomy
statutes, statistical laws, statistics plans, etc.)
Spanish Constitution
Law on the Public Statistical Services
- Organization of Official Statistics of the State
- State Official Statistics Planning
- Coordination of the Official Statistics of the State
and coordination with the statistics of
Autonomous Communities and local governments
- International Relations with the European
Community and other international organizations
The National Statistics Institute, is an autonomous agency under the
Ministry of Economy and Competitivity. The Head office is located in
Madrid. There are 52 Provincial delegations of the NSI and the Electoral
Census Office.
High Council on Statistics, Advisory body of the statistical services of the
GSA, the involvement of informants, producers and users of official
statistics, where trade union and business organisations and other social,
economic and academic groups are represented, together with ministries,
the Bank of Spain and the INE. It aims to contribute to harmonising
statistics, improving the use of resources.
Interministerial Statistics Commission (CIME), affiliated to the Ministry of
Economy and Competitivity, via the National Statistics Institute, is a
participative organ of the statistical services in charge of the compiling of
statistics in the scope of the State Administration and constitutes one of
the springboards for achieving horizontal coordination among the State
Statistical Services.
Interterritorial Statistics Committee (CITE), is a permanent official body in
charge of overseeing the coordination, cooperation and standardisation of
statistical matters between the State and the Autonomous Communities.
Statistical Departments in Ministries and Bank of Spain
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Economy and Competitivity
Insurance Compensation Consortium
General Directorate for Macroeconomic Analysis and International Economics
Spanish Public Treasury
General Secretariat for Insurance and Pension Funds
National Stock Exchange Commission
State Secretariat for Trade
Carlos III Institute of Health
Ministry of the Treasury and Public Administration Services
General Directorate of Cadastre
Institute of Fiscal Studies
General Comptroller of the State Administration
Tobacco Market Commission
State Lotteries and Gaming
State Tax Administration Agency
- Tax statistics
- Department of Customs and Special Taxes
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
General Statistical Information
University Coordination Council
National Institute for Evaluation and Quality of the Education System
Higher Sports Board
General Statistical Information (Culture)
Ministry of Public Works
General Statistical Information
Spanish Airports and Air Navegation (AENA)
Spanish Port System
National Network of the Spanish Railways (RENFE)
State Secretariat for Housing. General Statistical Information
Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism
General Statistical Information
Telecommunications Market Commission
National Energy Commission
Institute for Tourist Studies
Ministry of Home Affairs
General Directorate of Penal Institutions
Spanish Traffic Authority
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs
Ministry of Presidency
Sociological Research Centre. CIS
Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality
General Statistical Information
Government Delegation for the National Drugs Plan
Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (IMSERSO)
National Consumer Affairs Institute
National Health Management Institute (INGESA)
National Transplant Organisation
Institute of Youth
Institute of Women
Ministry of Employment and Social Security
General Statistical Information
Wage Guarantee Fund
National Social Security Institute
State Secretariat For Immigration And Emigration
Public Employment Services (INEM)
Bank of Spain
General Statistical Information
The Spanish open data portal,, was founded in 2011 under the framework
of the Project called aporta and born under the leadership of the Ministry of Treasury
and Public Administration and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the
Government of Spain.
Its direct management is responsibility of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications
and the Information Society (SETSI).
The origin is Directive 2003/98 / EC, of 17 November 2003.
Law 37/2007, of 16 November, on the reuse of public sector information is the norm in
Spanish legislation transposing the European Directive 2003/98 / EC.
Article 8: Specific conditions for the implementation of certain projects.
Projects involving studies using quantitative research in the field of social sciences.
a) The principal investigators of these projects shall transfer, within a maximum
period of 12 months from completion, the data and metadata of the study to the
specific Data Archive for Social Studies. This Archive is in the Sociological Research
Centre. In compliance with Articles 37.1 and 37.2 of Law 14/2011 of 1 June,
Science, Technology and Innovation, the Law 37/2007, of 16 November, on the
reuse of public sector information, and Recommendation of the European
Commission of 17 July 2012 on access to scientific information and its
b) To this end, prior to the submission of applications for these projects, the
principal investigator must submit to the Center for Sociological Research the
Initial Plan of Deposit, whose contents consist of a commitment to comply with
the obligation to transfer microdata according to paragraph a).
c) To comply with the obligations set out in the preceding paragraphs, the
standard models available to researchers in the Center for Sociological Research
website should be used.

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