Profiles and User Permissions session 4

6th Annual
Focus Users’ Conference
Profiles and User
Presented by:
Josh Mostyn
Focus allows permission setup by profile
or user to protect data and enable
schools and districts to observe HIPPA
and FERPA guidelines in restricting
access to student data. For example,
some fields in student records are
considered classified, which could restrict
some users from seeing sensitive data
like 504, DOP, or ESE status.
What we are covering in this session
User Information
Setting Up Profiles
Add a User
User Permissions
Mass Assign User Information
Assigning Multiple Roles to a User
User Information
You are
able to
search by
Screen Or
User List
User Information
Purpose: User Info
The User Info screen provides a way for schools and districts to
search for Users and view their User records. From the User
Info screen, there are two ways to search for Users: the Focus
search screen and the User List. Once a User is selected,
administrators can view their records, or complete tasks for the
User, or login to Focus as the User.
Search By User Profile
User Information
List displays by profile
Search By User List
User Information
Adding a Profile
Add A Profile
• Profiles can be added and
permissions can be customized for
the specific role, like Principal, Dean,
Attendance Clerk, Data Clerk.
• Additional list can be added for Roles,
attendance, discipline, enrollment,
report cards, etc.
Duplicate Profile
Focus has the ability to duplicate profiles for profiles that would have the same
permissions or similar permissions. A profile can be duplicated and renamed,
tweaks to the permissions can also be done for the “new” duplicate profile.
Duplicate Profile
Adding A
Adding a User
Nightly Import for Users File
Nightly Import
• Focus sets up a Nightly Import of the Users File that is
set up similar to a Managed Integration.
• User File is supplied to Focus
• Any changes to the Users File will be Uploaded to
Focus with the Nightly Import to update Users
Setting Up User Permissions
User Permissions
Individual profiles and permissions can be changed to
override default profile settings. Additional User tabs
can be created by the district. Focus requires the
fields for State Reporting and Highly Qualified License
Assigning Multiple Roles to a
Allows multiple roles/permissions to be added to a user either
permanently or temporarily
Assigning Multiple Roles
Select Profile from Users List
3. Select User, click Attach
Assigning Multiple
Assigning Multiple Roles to a
Users with Multiple Roles
Multiple Roles
Users with Multiple Roles will have their
User Profiles in a drop down. This way they
Can select the correct profile for what task
They need to complete.
Selecting Profiles
Users with Multiple Roles
Multiple Roles
Often a user needs different permissions temporarily, during registration a
Data Tech may assist during the first few weeks for example.
In the example above Nash Buckley can log in under his primary profile a a
Data Tech or switch to System Administrator when expanded permissions are
6.0.X vs 7.0 Profiles
New in 7.0
With 6.0.X
User was assigned to one profile
Additional accounts for the user could be created and then
attached to the existing user OR a generic account could be created
and then attached as a secondary profile to a user to provide
additional rights
With 7.0
User will have a logging field similar to enrollment where
profiles can be added
Profiles can be unique to the user by school/location
Each profile assigned can have its own start and end date
The user is now just a single user with multiple profiles
Audit purposes – the user is a single user with one id for the
audit trail
The user will not have to use the pull-down to toggle between
Transitioning from 6.0.X to 7.0
Current profile(s) will transfer as they currently exist
New in 7.0
New in 7.0
Existing functionality still exists
Additional users can be attached and then accessed through the
pull-down toggle
This still needs to be used for Teacher and Parent profiles
because of the different type of permissions these profiles have
from the admin profile
New in 7.0
New in 7.0
When adding the additional profiles/roles to the user account
multiple schools can be selected for a profile record.
Multiple profiles can be assigned on a single record.
For ease of review/readability and adjustment– place one profile
per line.
If multiple profiles are on the same line then the start and end
date for all profiles on that record will need to be the same.
The dates determine when that functionality will be available to
the user. The user will not need to change roles to see this
functionality (start or end) – it will become part of their
Coming this Spring in 7.2
If a district choses the following will be available options:
New in 7.0
The user requests rights to a profile
The profile is linked to a Focus University Course
The school-based admin approves this profile for the user
Once the user takes and successfully passed the Focus University
Course the profile will be added to the user
6.0.X vs 7.0 User Permissions
New in 7.0
With 6.0.X
User Permissions were stored as exceptions – what changes
were made to the profile and the exceptions were stored in
user_exceptions table
With 7.0
User Permissions allow users to be granted additional rights –
changes will now be stored in User_permissions table and stored
as positives instead of exceptions – what additional rights are we
granting the user
New in 7.0 – User Permissions
New in 7.0
User Permissions apply to the USER and not the the
profiles assigned to the user. If Permissions are granted
here they are tied to the USER and not to one of the
attached Profile – ending a profile will not impact these
Permissions have been divided into sections by:
Custom student field
User custom fields
6th Annual
Focus Users’ Conference
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