RDA Terminology: A Summary

RDA Terminology: A Summary
Atoma Batoma
RDA Terminology
• RDA Vocabularies: Controlled
– Open
– http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/RDAtest/trai
RDA Terminology
• FRBR entities and relationships
– Entities
• Bibliographic
– Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item
» Work: distinct intellectual or artistic creation
» Expression: intellectual or artistic realization of a work
in the form of alphanumeric, musical, or choreographic
notation, sound, image, object, movement, etc.
» Manifestation: physical embodiment of an expression of
a work
» Item: exemplification of a manifestation
RDA Terminology
• People
– Persons
– Families
– Corporate Bodies
• Subjects
– Concepts
– Objects
– Events
– Places
RDA Terminology
• Attributes or characteristics
– Examples (see link below)
– Work: title, form, date associated with the
work, etc.
– Persons: name, date of birth, place of birth,
– Corporate body: date associated with
corporate body, name of c. b., etc.
RDA Terminology
• Relationships (at the heart of catalogue)
– (Importance for user tasks: find, identify,
select, obtain, and navigate)
– Among group one entities
– Among group two entities
– Between group one and Group two entities
RDA Terminology
RDA Terminology
• Core-ness of RDA elements
• Core (mandatory for a national level record)
• Core if (mandatory depending on the situation)
• Not core (cataloger’s judgment or local policy)
• http://www.rda-jsc.org/docs/5chair15.pdf
RDA Terminology
• Mode of issuance and Types of
– Mode of issuance
• What kind of resource are we cataloging? (Single unit,
multipart monograph, serial, integrating resource)
– Types of description
• Depends on mode of issuance (comprehensive,
analytical, hierarchical)
– Sources of information
• Depends on resource, but generally expanded
RDA Terminology
• How to Transcribe
• “Take what you see”
• “Accept what you get”

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