Saying We Share

Saying we Share: Proverbs and
By Norma Tong Lee
Day 1 Writing Prompt
Have you ever heard the
saying “What’s worth having
is worth waiting for”? Think
about what it means. Now
write a story about a time
when you waited for
something that was worth
Sayings We Share 3rd Grade
Day 2 Writing Prompt
All of us have read
folktales. Think
about a folktale you
have heard or read.
Now write a folktale
with you and your
friends as characters.
Sayings We Share 3rd Grade
Day 3 Writing Prompt
Everyone has rules to
live by. Think about
one rule that you live
by that you think is
important. Now
write about that rule
and tell why it is
Sayings We Share 3rd Grade
Day 4 Writing Prompt
In “The Tortoise and
the Hare,” the hare
loses a race. Think
about what mistakes
the hare made. Now
write a letter to the
hare telling him what
to do differently the
next time he’s in a
Sayings We Share 3rd Grade
Day 5 Writing Prompt
In most fairy tales the wolf is
“the bad guy.” Write your own
imaginary story that has a wolf
as a main character. In your
story, let the wolf be “the good
Sayings We Share 3rd Grade

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