Written By:
Christopher Paolini
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October 22, 2010
Table of Contents
1. Title Page (1)
2. Table of Contents (1)
3. Vantage Point (2) – SETTING(time and place)
4. Characters (1-4) – Major, Minor(Protagonist, etc)
5. Conflict (3) MAN VS. _self, man, nature, society_
6. Plot (2-3) - Summary
7. Point of View (1)
8. Theme – Potential lessons learned
9. Others (Final Thoughts/Opinion) or Images (1)
Vantage Point
The setting of Eragon takes place in a
land with a terra setting known as Alagaesia.
Vantage Point
• The book is set in the past that is based solely
on fiction. The estimated year if it were actual
reality would probably be somewhere
between 1000 to 1100 A.D.
Vantage Point
• For the length of the book, Eragon was travelling all over
Alagaesia. So there were many different Vantage points,
like deserts, forest, port cities, mountains, etc.
• Major (Round) characters: Eragon, Saphira,
Brom, Durza, Galbatorix, Ra’zak
• Minor (Flat) characters: The Twins, Roran,
Orik, Nasuada, Angelina, and many more.
• Major Protagonist (Good Guy): Eragon is the
main protagonist, although he has a lot of
help along the way.
• Major Antagonist (Bad Guy): Galbatorix is the
one that the Varden are fighting, but it’s
actually Durza who leads most of the fight
throughout the novel.
• While the main antagonist is Galbotorix, he is
rarely heard of and never actually seen. For
the most of the book Eragon is more
concerned of killing the Ra’zak, and not the
Man Vs. Self
Eragon is about to a slave at an auction, but is forced
to stop when he realizes he and the slave would be
captured and possibly killed.
• Man Vs. Society
• The Varden against Galbatorix, he gets
everything while the poor and needy get
nothing, Eragon and the Varden want to
change this.
• Man Vs. Man
• The entire book is based on a coming war
and how Eragon is being trained while
tracking two of the King’s hit men.
• Man Vs. Supernatural
• The book is based around a farm boy
discovering a dragon, so, really, the whole
book is Eragon fighting the super natural.
• Man Vs. Nature
• When Eragon enters the desert and there is a
massive storm that hinders his progress
through the desert.
• The book is based around a king who abused
his power and now the world is trying to get
back at him. This is where Eragon falls into
place, as the side who controls the riders
controls the continent.
• At the start of the book is centered around a
bizarre rock that hatches into a Dragon for
Eragon. Then his farm is burnt to the ground
and his uncle slaughtered, Eragon decides to
set out for revenge with the help of Brom, the
town bard.
• For most of the book, Eragon is tracking the
king’s main assassin’s, they are called the
Ra’zak. When the Ra’zak ambush Eragon, he is
forced to go to the Varden.
Point of View
• The point of view is 3rd person, you follow
Eragon and sometimes Saphira around.
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