RuleZ - SurfMerchants

A presentation by
Bryan C. Winter
[email protected]
What is RuleZ?
• A Reviewer and Shopper Side Trigger Engine
• Javascript Based ( it works EVERYWHERE! )
• Form Validation, Fraud Detection
• Math and Logic Automation, Hiding Questions, Options
• Flexible and Human Readable Scripting
Guide Data Collection
Shoppers Often Fill out
Unnecessary Questions
Shoppers Fill out silly
Answer Options
This costs time and Money!
You can prevent it and
RuleZ can help!
Guide Data Collection
Disappear or Appear Questions, Sections or Ranges
Shopper Side
Reviewer Side
Guide Data Collection
You can do the same with Answer Options as well!
Shopper Side
Question List
Options 3 and 5 do not appear to
the shopper here!
Survey Accuracy
Dollar amount for a typical
hamburger is near $2.38, not $238.
This guy is most likely NOT
The manager at Otter Burger.
Prevent Shoppers from filling out shops
until an appointed time.
Use RuleZ to error Check your Shoppers!
Survey Accuracy
Error checking on important data like names, dates or currency.
Simply and Quickly Validate
Data or Math
Survey Accuracy
Provide hints to shoppers or make
‘Impossible’ questions that flag reviewers
Survey Accuracy
Shopper Side
All Questions are gone!
Math and Logic
• RuleZ Uses a Simple Trigger Logic System
• No previous programming experience required
• Can Operate on most Data Types
• Compare data, and do math automatically
Math and Logic
Shopper Side
Look Ma! No Hands!
Complex Conditions
RuleZ Code
Review Side
Complex Conditions
• dateIs, dateNot, dateBefore, dateAfter
• dayIs, dayNot, waveIs, waveNot
• locIDIs, locIDnot, groupIs, groupNot
• Shopper Qualifications ( .hasQual, lacksQual )
• Check Documentation for complete list
RuleZ Mapper!
These Rulez won’t give
you an error.
RuleZ mapper warns you
about potential logic conflicts.
But they might behave
weird in the wild.
Just follow the Highlighted Text to Oz
But what will it cost me?
RuleZ is a free part of your Sassie Service
Just turn it on in survey settings and go!
Rule your Shoppers and Customers with RuleZ!
Get Educated!
RuleZ Documentation Link
OR Ask for Training in a Tracker!

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