Name: Shir Saado
Class: 4'‫ז‬
Pauline Francis
Jenny: Jenny has blond hair, She lives in Manchester,
she loves journalism and she is 15 years old.
Alex: Alex has brown curly hair, Green eyes and a
friendly smile.
Mr. MacDonald: Mr. MacDonald his Jenny's grandfather,
he is tall and thin and he has a sad face.
He love sailing.
Guy: Guy has short brown hair and a beard.
He works in the British Government and his
job is to catch Smugglers.
Helen: Helen is a smuggler.
Jenny had to spend the holiday vacation with her grandfather on
Kirk island.
There she meets Alex, Alex is the guy who works with her
One day a ship arrived to the island, In the ship was a uranium box.
who planting the uranium was Helen, Helen was a smuggler.
The ship hit a rock and drowned.
Helen saw Guy on the beach , Guy worked in the British
government and his job was to catch smugglers, Helen knew it
was his job and she tried to join him to kill him for he is not
catch her.
Mr. McDonald thought Guy is a journalist and he invited him to
stay at his house.
Jenny saw Helen talking on the phone with Guy.
She heard they meet at the museum.
Jenny decided to follow them.
In the museum Jenny heard Guy and Helen planning meet in
the beach in dark to take the uranium box from the ship.
Jenny and Alex went to the beach and sailed in Mr. McDonald
old boat.
They saw Helen who left guy drown in the sea.
They go rescue him. They back home and go with Mr. McDonald
look for Helen.
They entered the cave in the rock.
They found her and buried her trap, they told her go behind the
rock and behind the rock the policemen were waiting for her.
Helen arrested and Jenny, Alex, Guy and Mr. McDonald
published in the newspaper.

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