State of the Program - Cognitive Science Department

Undergraduate Program
in Cognitive Science
Spring 2015
Size and Make-up of Majors
• 51 COGS majors
• By year:
10 seniors
14 juniors
12 sophomores
15 freshmen
• By major:
COGS: 19
Fall 2011 Spring Fall 2012 Spring Fall 2013 Spring Fall 2014 Spring
Other COGS duals: 6 (MATH, PSYC, CSYS, DIS, STS)
COGS Core Courses
• Behavioral Neuroscience or Intro to Cognitive
• Sensation and Perception (Structure of
Language no longer offered)
• Knowledge and Rationality (Metaphysics & Csns
and Phil of AI no longer offered)
• Cognitive Modeling (LISP for AI no longer
offered) -> can use Intelligent Virtual Agents or
Affective Computing as substitute)
• Intro to AI -> can use Game AI or Learning &
Advanced Game AI as a substitute)
Senior Thesis
• Find a Faculty Member to do your Thesis with:
Your Thesis Faculty Advisor
• Fill out thesis form with Thesis Faculty Advisor
(bring to Registrar before add deadline)
• Thesis Faculty Advisor will lay out requirements
of thesis
Literature Research
Experimental Research
• You do not have to do thesis in last semester
Online Courses
• Udacity (~40 courses, mostly CSCI, self-paced,
wide variety of course lengths)
– Introduction to AI, Artificial Intelligence for Robotics,
The Design of Everyday Things
• Coursera (500+ courses; wide variety)
– Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Computational
Neuroscience, Natural Language Processing, etc.
• EdX (100+ courses, various fields)
• Possibility of getting 1-2 credits Independent
Study for successful completion of courses (Add
Deadline: Friday, 2/6)
Wednesday Issues in Cognitive
Science Seminar
• It is possible for undergraduates to receive
1 credit through the Issues in Cognitive
Science Lecture Series:
– Write 1 page response paper about talk for 6
talks of your choice
– Register for COGS 2940/4940 “Issues in
Cognitive Science”
– Restricted to COGS majors or minors or dual
majors with PHIL or PSYC
Speakers This Semester
February 4, Stanislas Dehaene, College of France
February 11, Michael Ramscar, Cog. Sci. Researcher, Univ. of Tubingen
“The Myth of Cognitive Decline”: Cognitive Models of Lifelong Learning
February 25, Ennio Mingolla, Northeastern University
“Reading the Brain”, Streaming Video
“Lifting the Shroud of Visual Attention”: Neural Network Models of Visual Perception
March 4, Shyam Kumar, Professor of Lally School, RPI
Corporate Strategies: A Cognitive Perspective
– March 11, Lael Schooler, Professor of Psychology, Syracuse University
April 8, Peter Fox, Tetherless World Constellation Chair, RPI
April 22, Jun Zhang, University of Michigan
Mathematical Models of Psychological Decision-Making
Meta-Game Theory: Thinking about thinking about thinking …
All other talks this semester are by COGS graduate students
For a complete schedule of speakers go to Speaker Series off of Cognitive
Science department home page
If you think of a potential speaker, let me know!
Undergraduate Research
• Cog Sci students are strongly encouraged
to do hands-on research
• Undergraduate Research Program (URP)
– Fill out URP form:
• You have to write a 500 word proposal!
• for course credit (deadline = course add deadline =
February 6)
– Also fill out an Independent Study/URP Registration form
• for $ (February 13)
• Research can be used for Senior Thesis
Summer URP (SURP) at RPI
• Competitive program
– Applications reviewed by multiple faculty
• $4000 stipend for 10-week summer
• Need to find faculty member willing to
support research efforts during 10-week
• Deadline: February 20!
Other Summer Programs
• Undergraduate Summer Fellowship
Program in Vision Science, University of
• Probably others as well …
• Usually applications are due sometime in
February, so this is a good time to look at
summer programs!
Other Programs …
• Visiting Undergraduate Research
Program, University of Indiana
– Highly selective year-long program for seniors
– Work directly with faculty member
Overview Research Groups and
• Cognitive Factors in Human Performance
– (Dr. David Mendonca)
• Linguistic Agents
– (Dr. Marjorie McShane and Dr. Sergei Nirenburg)
• CogWorks Lab
– (Dr. Wayne Gray)
• RAIR Lab
– (Dr. Selmer Bringsjord)
• Sim Lab
– (Dr. Mei Si)
• Visual Reasoning
– (Dr. Bram van Heuveln)
Visual Reasoning
Research Page
• Declare or add Cognitive Science Major
– Fill out Change of Major form
– Curriculum Coordinator: Betty Osganian (Sage 4301)
• 1 credit for Issues in Cognitive Science lectures
– Fill out Independent Study form
• COGS 2940/4940 “Issues in Cognitive Science”
• Senior Thesis
– Find thesis advisor
– Fill out Thesis Registration form
– Fill out URP form
– For credit:
• Fill out Independent Study form as well
• Credits to be determined by project advisor
• Deadline = Course Add Deadline: Friday, 2/6
– For $ (URP matches up to $400):
• Find faculty member with $!
• Deadline: Friday, 2/13

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