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In this world of complexity and substitutes,
Kauai Shrimp thrive on the purity
and simplicity of nature.
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The warm, sunny climate
on the west side of
Kauai (the ‘Garden
Island’ of Hawaii),
provides ideal growing
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Kauai Shrimp are grown
from egg to adult in our
facilities, which assures they
are healthy and well cared
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For biosecurity reasons, the hatchery
is separate from the farm, but conveniently
located nearby.
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At the hatchery, Kauai Shrimp are kept in an
optimal environment in covered tanks and
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Families are carefully
selected and bred
using non-GMO
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Each family is carefully monitored through
the larval stages
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The farm uses
round ecofriendly ponds to
provide a clean
environment for
optimal growth.
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These ponds are filled with pristine seawater
filtered through kilometers of lava rock.
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The natural minerals in the seawater stimulate
nutritious algae and plankton.
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The algae and
plankton are
natural foods
that supplement
the soy-based
pellets and
impart a unique
and delicious
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Clams are grown
together with
Kauai Shrimp to
consume excess
algae and
produce another
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The shrimp are
sampled weekly
and grow rapidly
to large sizes at
a density that is
half the industry
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No antibiotics, sulfites, or polyphosphates are used.
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During harvest,
shrimp are
chilled in ice
water for
transport to the
processing plant.
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After harvest,
shrimp are
transported to
the nearby
processing plant,
where they are
sorted by size
and flash frozen.
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Kauai Shrimp
are available
fresh in bags
or frozen in 2
pound and 10
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Thank you for taking the time to learn about
Kauai Shrimp. We look forward to your
comments and questions.
Please contact us:
Mike Turner
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1-808-645-6625
Web: www.kauaishrimp.com
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