Topic BS 9-2014
Eric Marioth, Fraunhofer-Institute for Chemical Technology ICT, Pfinztal
Interest as a partner
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Contribution of Fraunhofer ICT
Adsorber materials
 specially designed and adopted to target moleculs (drugs, explosives, TIC‘s)
 standard lab analysis enviroment present
 gas generators and particular trace generators for explosives, drugs and TIC‘s
Acknowledged test facility (ECAC) and experience in...
 creation of test protocols and common test methodologies for detection systems
 safe environment for testing explosives (liquid, solid, trace)
 supplier of relevant test material (main focus explosives)
Well established network to main players within the security area (cargo, aviation and
non-aviation): contacted project partners: ICE (Innovation Compliance Europe),
CBRA (Cross-Border Research Association), Ionicon - Austria (explosives, drugs etc.)
and SEDET – Spain
Contact: Dr. Dirk Röseling, [email protected]
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