Ms Bellis
Director of Sixth Form
Mrs Mitchell
Deputy Director of Sixth Form Yr 12
Mr Weeks
Deputy Director of Sixth Form Yr 13
Mr Coxhead
Mrs Grindley
All admin matters; attendance, change of subjects, medical
or SEN, monitoring and supervision, 16-19 Bursary, oyster
cards, references, NUS cards, UCAS and Admissions.
Mrs Lovell
Examinations Officer
A Level Results 2011
Best Ever A Level
 66.37% A*-B grades
 7 students gained
all A* grades
 44 students gained
at least one or more
A * grade.
See Ms Bellis
Seek permission from Head of
Complete form which is in sixth form
office. This must be approved by Head
of Department, Parent and Ms Bellis
Avoid changes after October half term
Schools, colleges and training providers have
funds to help you if you’re studying or starting a
full-time course from September 2011 and
think you might struggle with the costs for your
studies. For advice and to see if you are eligible
please go to the following link
The start of non compulsory education
Freedom to study independently
Opportunities to contribute to the wider
school community
Aspire to Higher/Further Education or career
“The sixth form is led exceptionally well; a relentless focus on
improvement ensures that all students have every opportunity to
achieve their best outcomes.”
Ofsted 2011
Mutual respect
Dress Code
Identity Badges
Meeting Deadlines
Achieving your best
Use of mobile phones & MP3s
Letters home
Group Call
Sixth Form website
Sixth Form Assembly
Sixth Form notice board
Tutor notices
[email protected]
We will endeavour to respond to enquires within 24 hrs.
Compulsory for all sixth form students
Registration with the Tutor each day at 8.20
(Marked late from 8:30am)
Tutor time on Friday period 1
Year 12 Assembly: Monday in the Hall
Whole School Assembly every Wednesday in
the Hall
Inform Mrs Grindley if your daughter/son has any
special educational needs such as;
You must provide documentation for any support
you may need e.g. additional time for exams. This
will be passed onto the SEN Dept.
“The proactive work of the pastoral team is very effective in ensuring
vulnerable students are well provided for.”
Ofsted 2011
Sixth Form students should take a pride in
their school and themselves, and should
therefore look smart and presentable at all
times. As a general guide you should
dress as though you were going to work
in a formal environment.
You may need to bring in an appropriate
change of clothes for certain subjects, e.g.
P.E & Wednesday pm sports, Drama, Art.
Dress – must not be mini-length
Tailored jackets, smart cardigans
or jumpers may be worn
Trousers or skirt. Trousers
should be full length, skirts must
not be mini-length
Smart top or shirt which covers
shoulders and midriff
Shoes – conventional, work
orientated and comfortable
Shoulders must be covered
Tailored trousers –
trousers should be full
Tailored jackets, smart
cardigans or jumpers may
be worn
Conventional, collared
shirt – must be tucked in
Students have the option
to wear ties
Shoes – conventional,
work orientated and
Headgear (except for
religious or medical
Denim, cargo pants, army
fatigues, shorts or cut-offs
'Hoodies’, T-shirts or polo
shirts, strappy tops or
vests, or tops that expose
bare midriff, cleavage or
Trainers, sportswear /
leisurewear, including
velour and cotton jersey,
logos or slogans
Extremes of style, for
example, short mini skirts,
extreme hair colouring or
Visible facial or body
piercings or tattoos
If you attend
school dressed
in what is
judged to be an
manner, you will
be referred to a
member of the
Sixth Form Team
and may be sent
home to change,
or placed in
isolation, thus
wasting valuable
lesson time.
The nature of homework changes significantly
in the Sixth Form and students are expected to
be more independent in allocating time to
study. There will not be a published timetable.
However a good general guideline is that you
should allocate FIVE HOURS per week outside
lessons to each subject.
Students will be given a target grade for
their subject.
In November, teaching staff will input a
current grade based on progress so far.
If students are significantly below their
target grade, some of their study periods
will be allocated to D4 (silent study room)
and their progress carefully monitored.
Support with;
 university applications (UCAS)
 CV writing
 Gap year options & organisations
“All students benefit from the school's outstanding procedures
for care, guidance and support... excellent support and guidance
is given to students to help them move on to the next stage of
their lives, be it university, employment or training.”
Ofsted 2011
“Students need to be excited by intellectual
complexity and uncertainty”
“your subject becomes your hobby”
Suitability for tutorial system:
Ability in and passion for their subject
Enquiring / questioning mindset
Analytical / logical thinking style
Proven track record at GCSE
Self motivated & reads outside the classroom
GCSE results
AS levels
The Cambridge supplementary questionnaire (UMS
A2 predictions
Plus interviews / aptitude tests / written
work etc
Students must demonstrate academic
potential AND an interest in their subject
Bullers Wood Oxbridge / Medicine
support programme
Year 12
- Identification of potential
- Increase awareness (alumnus talk, Emirates),
- Summer schools promotion
- Further Education and Careers evening
- Oxbridge evening at St Olaves school
- Pathways to Success Conference (Cambridge)
- “Discussion workshop”
- UCAS personal statement workshop,
- Departments and college open days,
- Discuss summer preparation
Bullers Wood Oxbridge / Medicine
support programme
Year 13
Sep: - UCAS personal statement assistance
- Subject specific preparation
- UCAS form completed by the October 15th
- General interview preparation
- Mock interviews at Bullers Wood
- Mock interviews with Imperial College Tutor
- Mock interviews with subject specialists
Nov / - Interview / Aptitude test preparation and completion
Chairman – Laura James Ross
Vice Chair – Carrie Goodwin
Treasurer – Barry Tuckwood
Secretary – Jill Palmer
Covenant £10 a month
One off donation
Gift Aid
Forms available this evening or on the

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