What is SAFAC?
• SAFAC allocates funding to undergraduate student
organizations that are registered with COSO
At least 75% of membership must be undergraduates
SAFAC only allocates funds for one fiscal year. A
referendum is required for multi-year expenditures.
Fiscal year ends at the end of May → all unspent
approved SAFAC funds will go back to SAFAC
We are here to subsidize an organization’s
SAFAC Liaisons
Check online for who your liaison is
Go to → “SAFAC Members”
List of liaisons for 2014-2015
Contact your liaison via email to set up an
appointment or walk into the SAFAC office in
SAC 210H to meet with a liaison
Contacting Your Liaison
• Do’s
Send an email
If there is no response after 48 hours send an email to
[email protected]
• Don’ts
Forget we are students too so we have jobs, exams, like all students
Contact your liaison in his/her person space unless he/she explicitly
allowed it
• Examples
Knocking at our doors
(especially late at night)
While we’re at the gym
Requesting Funding
What does SAFAC consider
when reviewing a budget?
Guiding Principles
Necessity of expenditure
On campus and open to entire university
Ensuring Fairness to all
• Guidelines
General policies deciding how much we fund for certain
items and which items we do not consider
• Ex: T-Shirts will be funded at $5 per member, Flights will
be funded at $200, etc.
• Precedents
Determined throughout the year as SAFAC makes
• Fall Budget Precedents apply to Fall Budgets
• Supplemental Budget Precedents apply to Supplemental
• Vary from year to year
Types of Funding
• Fall Budget Request (can ask for one)
Typically submitted during the spring semester of the previous year
Only for expenses taking place up until last day of semester (December 17th)
Money is removed from your account after the Fall Semester
• Supplemental Funding (can ask for up to 2 per year)
• Funding in excess of Fall Budget Allocation
• Must make an appointment to present before the committee
• Capital items- Requests for equipment or items that will last more than three
SAFAC Committee will use discretion and decide whether a good is to be
considered capital items or not
The Budget Forms
Can be found online (with examples) at
Making a SAFAC Request
Meet with your Executive Board to determine
what your organization needs
Your presentation should be before your events!
Fill out the 2014-2015 Budget Request Form
Documentation is required for everything that is
not explicit in Guidelines
Meet with your liaison and get a signature
4. Obtain signatures from advisor, president, and
treasurer AFTER the liaison signs it
Submitting your Budget
• Email the ORIGINAL excel copy of your request to
[email protected]
Subject line: Organization Name_Budget Request Type_
• COSO_Supplemental Budget Request_2014-2015
• Submit the signed form with stapled documentation to
SAC 206
• Sign up for a presentation time
No presentation is required for Fall Budgets, but you still
need to sign up so that we know to reserve a time slot to
review your budget
• Presentations for Supplemental requests are
Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:45
Presenting to SAFAC
SAC Iron Arrow Room
Wait outside to be called in by a liaison
Bring quotes (just in case) or handouts (if
Treasurers must present
Advisors are NOT allowed to present
Room Layout
SAFAC members will be in a “U” shape
Your budget will be projected on the screen
You will stand next to your screen and
present your budget, line by line
Understanding Your Budget
after it is Reviewed
After Voting: Cover Sheet
After Voting: Detail Sheet
Dealing with the Money
• Business Expense Reimbursement Form (BERF)
• Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR)
• E-Checks
• Purchase Orders
• Stipulated Funds – For these items, take a contract
or invoice to Josh Brandfon (SAC 206), as that money
is not put into your account
• Talk to your advisor for account balance inquiries, as
SAFAC does not have access to your accounts
• Consult the Student Organization Handbook for more
information on using funds
• SAFAC does NOT fund reimbursements (not to be
confused with BERFs)
• If you purchase anything before the Tuesday after
you are eligible to present to SAFAC, it is
considered a reimbursement and will not be
funded ******************
• If an emergency arises – contact
[email protected] immediately
*This is NOT to be confused with BERFs
New Travel Policy
•All trips must be registered by the group
before traveling
•Individual waivers should be completed by
each traveler  entire process can be
completed via OrgSync
•This trip registration does NOT apply to FCS
•FCS orgs do however have to comply with travel
policies within FCS and Department of Wellness and
Travel policy continued..
•Failure to register trip will result in any
approved funding being rescinded
•All SAFAC funds for travel are now stipulated
•Proof of trip registration and expenses are
required to receive funds into an
organization’s account
First contact [email protected] to set up an
appointment to discuss your concerns
2. If an agreement cannot be made, the
organization must fill out the appeals form at under “Funding Request
3. Policy and Finance Committee will decide if the
appeal will go through to Senate
4. Senate opinions go to the Vice President of
Student Affairs
Appeals Timeline
Allocation posted
to OrgSync on
Common Questions
What is a SAFAC account?
What is a donation account?
Your SAFAC account will start with a 4 and will consist of funds
provided by SAFAC. Your SAFAC account will clear at the end of
the fiscal year (around the end of May) and will go back to SAFAC
to be used for the next upcoming academic year.
Also known as a “gift” account.
Not every student organization will have a donation account. The
account starts with a 9 and consists of funds from everything that
is not SAFAC - member dues, donations, fundraising, etc. This
account will not clear at the end of fiscal year.
Interested in getting a donation account? Please pick up the
forms to apply for an account at SAC 206.
How do I find out how much money is in my account?
Your SAFAC liaison will NOT have access to your account. Only
your advisor has access to your account.
If your advisor is unsure how to check your account please email
[email protected]
• Help! I can’t see my budget on OrgSync!
• We will post your allocation by 5pm on Wednesday
• If you aren’t listed on the e-board of your organization you will
not have access to see your budget.
• I was funded an event (venue, conference, competition,
etc.), but I would like to go to a different one. Can I spend
my SAFAC funds on the new event instead?
• NO! You must spend your money as allocated line by line.
• You must request permission from SAFAC to spend your
allocation on different items. Contact your liaison for help.
• The price of an item has changed. Can SAFAC fund the
• In certain cases, some items can be re-looked for a cost
• You would need to resubmit the form. Put the item in question
on the form with the amount SAFAC funded you in the income
column and put the new amount on the expense column.
• Contact your liaison for help.
• I accidentally put donation/fundraising money into my
SAFAC account and it cleared when the fiscal year ended.
How do I get that money back?
• Contact the SAFAC advisor Josh Brandfon at
[email protected]
• When can I ask for a UPrint card?
• Uprint cards can only be requested the Spring Semester of
the prior year. They are typically due the day Fall Budget
Requests are due in the Spring.
• Can I request for both mileage (gas) & a rental car?
• No, you must request one or the other.
• The price for mileage is $0.56 per mile.
• Can I spend SAFAC money on items I didn’t request?
• NO! You must spend your money as allocated line by line.
• You must request permission from SAFAC to spend your
allocation on different items.
• Organizations could be potentially audited if there are any
improprieties in the organization spending

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