Conv 2013 - Sigma Sigma Phi National, an Honorary Osteopathic

Blacksburg, VA
Sigma Sigma Phi – Honorary Osteopathic Service Fraternity
Chi Chapter
Las Vegas, NV – AOA Conference – September 29, 2013
VCOM- Virginia Campus
Officers and Advisors
 Out Going President- Hussein Al-Mohamad
 Current President- Jonathan Hillyard
 Vice President- Kimberly Zins
 Treasurer/Secretary- Charles Teixeira
 Membership Chair- Macy Rupprecht
 Advisors- Dr. Sofia Abraham-Hardee, Mr.
Bill King, Ms. Julianne Smartt
Current Members
 Chi Chapter Started in 2007
 Application Process for Membership
 Current Members:
 41 Members in Class of 2016
 43 Members in Class of 2015
 48 Members in Class of 2014
Membership Criteria
 Must have a 3.80 GPA or higher at VCOM at end
of first year or second year
 Must have no current or pending academic
 Must be considered in good standing with VCOM
(e.g., no current or pending behavioral
infractions, no academic probation, etc.)
 Must be willing to provide advice or counsel to
other medical students or potential medical
students on the values and benefits of being an
osteopathic physician
Maintaining Membership
 Maintain GPA – 3.65
 Students with a GPA below 3.65 after induction
will go under probation and review
 Complete Board Question of the Day Requirement
 Attend SSP events
 Recommended Service Hours
 2nd years – 20 hours/yr (10 hours/semester)
 3rd and 4th years – 10 hours/year (5
Activities Members
Participated in 2012-2013
 White Coat Ceremony
 Graduation
 Tutoring
 Penny Wars
 Jeopardy Review Game
 Volunteer at Free Clinics
 Medical Mission Trips
 Golden Apple Award
 Board Question of the Day
 DO Day on the Hill
 Testicular Cancer Awareness Day
 And More!
DO Day on the Hill
About the Golden Apple
 The purpose of the “VCOM Golden Apple” is to recognize
those faculty members who are dedicated to educating,
mentoring, and inspiring VCOM students.
 Criteria Considered By Students (the Judges):
 Faculty members teaching skills/style
 Enthusiasm for teaching
 Professionalism
 Approachability and availability for questions
 One biomedical and one clinical faculty member are selected
Dr. Beverly Rzigalinski
Dr. James Powers
Board Question of the Day
 To expose ourselves and our classmates to board
questions on an everyday basis, we post board-type
questions and answers on the large TV screens
outside of the classroom.
 Members write 3 multiple choice questions with
Medical Mission Trips
 Members have helped on Medical Mission Trips in
Honduras, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Jeopardy Review Game
 Physiology Professor asked SSP Members for help
with creating a Jeopardy Review Game for our class.
 The students wrote the questions and set up all the
 Cash prizes were given-- $300 for first place!!!
Penny Wars!
 Fundraiser to raise money for Pulaksi Free Clinic
 Competition against OMS 1, OMS2, and
 OMS 2 won!!! =)
Future Plans
Keep Improving Board Question of the
 Quantity and Quality of Questions
More Involvement with the Community
More Morale Booster Events

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