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ASO Ankle
Kinesio Tape
Serola SI Belt
Stabilizing straps: form figure-eight to protect and
support ankle
Elastic cuff closure: enhances support from
stabilizing straps and secures laces
Low profile: will fit in any type of shoe
Bilateral design: each size fits left or right foot
Ballistic nylon boot: provides tremendous
strength and durability
US manufacturing: higher quality control
Billable to most insurance companies
Brings Nano-touch micro-stimulation to
epidermis and layers beneath
Mimics gentle human touch yet provides
a more effective hold
Features a higher grade cotton with more
Features a new protected weave process
for improved comfort
Core properties remain for all Kinesio®
Taping specifications
Hypoallergenic and latex free for all
patient populations
Tan, Black, Red, Blue
3oz Roll-On……………….$13.50
4oz Tube…………………..$13.50
4oz Spray………………….$14.95
16oz Pump………………..$41.95
320z Pump………………..$61.95
BioFreeze Topical
Delivers targeted pain relief with the
benefits of cryotherapy to treat
athletic and muscle related injuries,
sore or strained muscles, shoulder
and arm discomfort, neck, hip and leg
pain, back pain, painful joints, sports
injury pain, ankle or foot pain, and
pain associated with arthritis and
The InTENSity™ 5000 Hybrid combines
the ease of traditional knobs with the
beauty of LED technology to give the
user the feedback they need to get the
right therapy at the right time.
This TENS device has 5 modes and a
timer, comes in a nice hard case,
electrodes, user manual, lead wires and
9-volt battery.
Billable to most insurance companies
The Serola SI Belt is designed to compress
and support the sacroiliac joints, thereby
relieving stress and instability at these
weight bearing structures. The Serola
Sacroiliac Belt, by providing the correct
balance of resistance and resilience, reestablishes the joint’s normal motion.
Designed for all FES and TENS
applications, these reusable electrodes
combine a pliable stainless steel knit
fabric with a two-layer adhesive gel for
maximum conformity and adhesion to
even the most irregular surfaces.
Various sizes available.
Billable to some insurance companies
Billable to most insurance companies
TENS Unit Electrodes
The ComforTrac cervical home traction unit
has been carefully engineered to provide
maximum comfort efficacy and ease of use.
Details that highlight this superior design
include a push-of-a-button quick release
pump and a contouring memory foam
headrest that cradles the head. Likewise
transporting the unit has been made
effortless through the use of lightweight
durable materials and a carry-case with
smooth rolling in-line skate wheels and a
retractable stow-away handle typically
found only in top-quality ballistic luggage.
Cervical Home Traction Device
Billable to most insurance companies
Thera-Band Exercise Ball provides fun yet
challenging exercise opportunity for everyone
from children to seniors. Recommended by
physical therapists for strengthening and toning
the abdomen back chest arms legs and buttocks.
Thera-Band Standard Exercise Balls are inflatable
balls used to strengthen muscles to improve
posture and help prevent back pain. Each
exercise ball comes with two plugs and an
inflation adapter, along with the Thera-Band
Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises.
Five sizes are provided to allow for user height
TheraBand Exercise Ball
May be used for either hot or cold
therapy and will not leak if
punctured. When heated, products
provide moist therapeutic heat and
when used cold, products provide
soothing cold without causing
trauma to the skin or nerves. In
addition, when used cold, the
products remain soft and flexible
even at -20°F.
The Adjust-a-Lift is made of
1/8" three layers of neoprene
rubber and a layer of leather on
top. The layers can be removed
to get approximately the right
height when placed in the shoe.
The layer of leather makes this
more of a lift than a pad.
Adjustable Heel Lift
Ankle cuff weights are made to be
fastened around the ankles with
Velcro for a secure fit. They are filled
with pellets and their main purpose is
to add weight to the legs for added
resistance during workouts. Building
strength and increasing endurance
are the result of training with cuff
weights. .
Cuff Weights
From $18 - $42
From $25 - $40
Elastogel Hot/Cold Wraps
From $57 - $90
Thera-Band Latex Exercise Bands Are Available
In Eight Color-Coded Levels Of Resistance.
Proper Use Of These Systems For Resistive
Exercise Provides Both Positive And Negative
Force On The Muscles Improving Strength,
Range Of Motion And Co-Operation Of Muscle
6yd TheraBand
From $19 - $27
Innovative tubular, non-slip
buttress applies constant
compression at the patellar
specifically to reduce symptoms
of patellar tendonitis
(runner’s/jumper’s knee),
Osgood-Schlatter disease and
patella tracking
Adjustable hook and loop closure
for custom fit. Fits left or right
Patellar Knee Strap
Patella-Femoral Taping
From $19 to $36
Applies gentle compression to
wide areas. Replaces surgical tape
for primary retention; protects
against turf burns, scrapes,
friction. Excellent choice where
flexibility, additional adhesive
strength are essential. Air,
hypoallergenic; translucent.
Heavy-duty wrap for patellafemoral, chronic, shoulder
From $17 & $15
Provides smooth shoulder rotation
Brings the functionality of the
Multi-Use model to a more
economical design
Includes: 7’ braided nylon cord
with smooth action pulley, 2 gripall handles for
adjustment of rope length and
door attachment
Shoulder Pulley
Contoured to give uniform
support. 1" medium density
foam covered with stockinette.
Hook and loop closure. Height
refers to measurement under
the chin
Foam Cervical Collar
Billable to most insurance companies
Variable resistance aid works
hands, fingers; forwarms
Helps strength grip, increase
dexterity and mobiity; heat or chill
if desired
Includes illustrated manual
featuring exercises developed by a
licensed therapist
Thera Hand Exerciser
Cervical, Thoracic &
Lumbar pillows,
cushions, rolls & sitback rests in varying
shapes and densities.
From $24 to $45
Pillows, Cushions, Rolls & Rests
Unique hex head design prevents rolling
and is easily stackable. Vinyl coverings
are comfortable to use and should not
rust, crack or fade under normal.
Excellent for commercial or home
settings. Each size is marked with
poundage. Easy to clean. Vinyl coated
dumbbells have an ergo handle design
and each weight is represented by a
different color.
Improves balance, coordination,
flexibility and strength
One side is flat and other side is nubby
Can be used for sitting or standing for
cushioning & exercise
Inflates from 1" to 2"
Airex Balance Disc
Vinyl Coated Dumbbells
The S’port All Back Support
supports the lower back and
sacroiliac joints during vigorous
activity. This is made possible
by an innovative design that
anchors the back support to an
integrated athletic compression
short. The S'port All Back
Support is designed to stay in
place. The patented design
keeps it secure, even during the
most active movement.
S’port All Lx Support
Miami Lumbar Support
Billable to most insurance companies
The human anatomy is curved. Which is why both the
Miami Lumbar belt itself and its various support
panels are sculpted to hug the contours of the back,
improving comfort, stabilization and compliance.
Breathable Aerospacer fabric and ventilated support
panels combine to keep Miami Lumbar cool and
comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
Miami Lumbar relieves pressure over the spinous
processes while applying an even pressure to the
paraspinal musculature to ensure comfortable and
effective healing. With a four-to-one ratio drawstring
and an easy-to-use pulley system, Miami Lumbar is
simple to tighten, even for arthritic and/or geriatric
patients. Billable to most insurance companies
From $4 - $35
Helps reduce pain from
tendonitis. Can be used with
lateral and medial
epicondylitis. Non-elastic
strap changes the direction
of the force, bypassing the
injured portion of the
muscle. Durable to
withstand wear during
exercise, sporting activities,
and repetitive work
Elbow Straps
From $22 - $45
The Posture S'port is unique
because it anchors at the waist
and not only discourages stooped
shoulders, but assists in proper
spinal alignment. The Posture
S'port can be worn directly on the
skin or over a t-shirt
Posture Support
Extruded rubber bar with
"waffle" surface aids wrist,
forearm and hand rehab,
upper-extremity stabilization,
mobilization, neuro-muscular
Color-coded for progressive
resistance: Red 10 lb force
required to bend; Green 15 lb
force; Blue 25 lb force
TheraBand FlexBar
$19.95 to $28.95

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