Hero`s Journey

Hero’s Journey
The Ordinary World
Ender’s Game
 Ender was a third. He was
different, very special. His
brother, Peter, was mean to
him where his sister, Valentine,
loved him to death. He went to
school and was a normal kid.
His parents were somewhat
forced to have Ender “Andrew.”
Ender had a monitor, but he
got it removed. Ender was a
strong kid.
The Giver
 Jonas lived in a community
where everything was ran by
machines and it was controlled.
There was no color, just black
and white. Jonas was in his
year 12 where everything began
to change. He got assigned a
job. People controlled
everything. Parents could not
have their own children or
name them. Jobs did that stuff.
The Call to Adventure
Ender’s Game
 Ender got a random house visit
from Colonial Graff. He wanted to
take Ender away because he
belonged to the people not his
parents…. Ender only had to say
yes. Graff wanted Ender’s special
talents. They wanted to take Ender
into space to train at the Battle
School. They needed him to fight
off the buggers and finally but the
war to an end.
The Giver
 It all changed for Jonas at the end
of he year ceremony. At year 12
ceremony the receive there jobs
they will have. Ender get “The
Giver” but first he has to be “The
Receiver.” This is the most
important job in the community.
They know all about the world
before “sameness” happened. He
can see color, feel pain and
weather, taste things he has never
tried, touch snow, smell nice
things, and listen to animal
Refusal of the Call
Ender’s Game
 Ender doesn’t like the idea of
this whole war thing. He is
confused. Ender does not want
to become a Peter, a killer. He
thinks that is what is happening
and doesn’t like the idea of it.
He just wants to quit training
and give up on the battle and
have someone else in control…
They can be leader not him.
The Giver
 Jonas is scared. He hates the
pain but also enjoys it. He is
very uncertain about the world
and what it has become. He
doesn’t want to have the
responsibility of the whole
comuunity. Jonas wants to give
Meeting with the Mentor
Ender’s Game
 Ender has quit a few mentors.
One mentor is Graff. Graff is
pretty much his “family.” Graff
teaches him everything he
knows. Also all the toon leaders
train Ender. Ender always finds
the courage in himself to
continuing.. To keep on fighting
for the battle.
The Giver
 Jonas’ mentor is obviously The
Giver. The Giver gives him all
his memories… bad or good,
they all go to Jonas. The Giver
and Jonas become really close.
The Giver helps Jonas with his
problems and teaches him new
things everyday.
Crossing the Threshold
Ender’s Game
 The battle room… space…
everything is new to Ender. He
has to learn so many things
over again. New rules, gravity,
schedules… It’s like he is a baby
and is growing up all over
The Giver
 Jonas has entered a very new
world to him.. He sees color,
sees animals, feels all the new
weather. Jonas gets to
experience the real world. He
must learn all the new rules of
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
Ender’s Game
 Ender gets tested by Graff.
Ender learns who he can and
cannot trust with his battles.
He learns his enemies and
allies, just within a little period
of time.
The Giver
 Jonas is tested by The Giver by
all the memories he receives.
Also he learns who can and
cannot trust. What’s real and
not real. Everything.
Ender’s Game
 Ender’s major challenge is
becoming a leader, being in
charge or an army. He must
take control at such a young age
and suffer. Graff gives him the
hardest tasks but he always
passes. He knows what he is
The Giver
 Jonas major challenge is
planning for his trip with Graff.
Jonas plans on leaving his
“sameness” community and
find out what the real world is.
They plan on how he will leave,
what time, foot, etc…
The Ordeal
Ender’s Game
 Ender almost faces death from
Bonzo.. Bonzo wants to fight
Ender. He wants to kill Ender
but does not succeed. Instead
Ender kills Bonzo. Ender faced
a fear, but overcame it because
he did not want to die. He knew
what was right and did it. Self
The Giver
 Jonas almost dies from the
weather on his long journey to
find a new home. He is used to
having a controlled
temperature. He has never
experienced snow and almost
died because he was so cold.
Also Jonas could of got caught
and had to go back to his
The Reward
Ender’s Game
 Ender’s hard work paid off. He
then moved on to a different
and higher school… Ender has
the reward of being the new
leader in the whole army to
fight off the buggers. He gets to
be rewarded with a trip home.
The Giver
 Jonas reward is living and
finding new community to live
in. He is finally FREE! He gets
to experience so much that he
never knew about. Now its
happening to him on a daily
bases. You learn something
news everyday and that is
certainly what Jonas is doing.
The Resurrection
Ender’s Game
The Giver
 Ender’s last and final battle was
 Jonas final test was seeing if he
a secret. He thought he was just
training not battling the
buggers. Ender was on a
stimulator machine controlling
toon leaders. He passed all the
“levels” and was onto the final
part. A bunch of people were
watching. Ender just thought to
see me beat the level. Well it
turned out it was the real battle
and he won!
could truly live there. He
needed to find a community to
take him in so he could learn all
the rules, so he could
experience new things.. To se if
he was strong enough to make
his journey and not get caught.
The Road Back
Ender’s Game
 Ender travels to other planets
to explore new places to live. To
see what he could find out there
in space. Ender travels with
The Giver
 Jonas stays at his community.
He live his life there because
that’s what he wants and that’s
his home. He wont think about
the past its no about the
present and future.
Return with the Elixir
Ender’s Game
 Ender gets convinced to go
home with Valentine and write
about his journey. He comes
home and avoids all the fights
about him being army leaders.
He lives his life happy.
The Giver
 Jonas’ treasure is the
community so he stays there.
He learns all the rules and
becomes a member. They all
except him.

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