Early Marriages
Early marriage is a
marriage of children and
adolescence below the
age of 18.
Child marriage in Pakistan is a
traditional way of arranging marriage
that is centuries old.
 Health Concerns
 Premature pregnancy- Teen age pregnancy
 Young girls usually die while going through
the process of delivering a baby.
Role of Poverty
Firstly the central government should pass
the laws prohibiting early marriages and
setting an age limit of 18.
 Secondly awareness to the affected areas
regarding the consequences of early
marriages should be spread. This could be
done by Imam’s in the mosques and
teachers in the school. If the men of the
society are educated about such issues
then the effect will be wide spread because
men make most such decisions.
Honor Killing
Honor-related violence is physical
violence that is inflicted on an individual
by perpetrators who believe the victim
has brought dishonor upon the family,
clan, or community by engaging in any
conduct that is perceived as immoral or
unacceptable by religious or
social/cultural standards.
Who are the Honor-Killers?
 Brothers
 Husbands
 Fathers
Who are the Victims?
 Usually Females of rural areas
Local Name of Honor Killing
In Pakistan, “Karo-Kari” is the
name of Honor Killing…
 Kari- The “black female” adulteress
 Karo- The “black male” adulterer
 Marrying with own choice
 Seeking divorce
 Has been raped
 Fake honor killing
Laws, legislations… making
killing a crime
 Selling of women, giving as a
compensation- should be fined
or imprisoned
 Wide-ranging public awareness
programmes about equal rights
for women.
As the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)
addressed his Ummah,"None but a
noble man treats women in an
honorable manner. And none but an
ignorant treats women disgracefully".

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