SS140- U4- CRASH3

Movie Analysis
By Andrea Hansen
 Farhad
 Iranian
 Store owner
 Speaks Persian and some English
 Has a wife and daughter
 Main Encounters
Owner of Gun Shop
Insurance Agent
Locksmith’s Child
 Nervous
 Irrational
 Uninformed
 Inflexible
 Loving
 Honest
 Loyal
 Closed-minded
 Careful
 Volatile
 Impatient
 Hard-working
 Unstable
 Distrustful
 Faithless
 Determined
 In the Public:
 Farhad is an angry, desperate, misunderstood man.
 He is a minority.
 He perceives himself as being a good, hardworking
American citizen.
 In Private:
 Farhad is self-reliant and stubborn.
 He prides himself on providing for his family.
 He is the majority.
 In the beginning of the movie:
 Farhad sees himself as a failure.
 He perceives himself as inferior around others, except
his family.
 He sees himself as if he is looking through the eyes of
every bigot.
 By the end:
 Farhad sees himself as protected and blessed.
 He perceives himself as worthy.
 He sees himself as strong and confident.
 Farhad was so worried about protecting his family and the
store from people and was full of distrust.
 This clouded his judgment in the locksmith’s advice to get
a new door.
 He thought he was being cheated.
 Because of his inability to trust, the store was broken into
from the faulty door.
 Consequently, Farhad pretty much handed the keys to the
racially-motivated burglars.
 Problems
 Language Barrier
 He speaks Persian fluently, but only some English.
 Misinformation
 He is given information that he believes is false.
 Discrimination
 He is discriminated against and he discriminates.
 Influences
 Farhad is discriminated against.
 “Yo Osama, play in the Jihad on your own time!”
 “I’m ignorant. You're liberating my country, and I'm
flying seven four sevens into your mud huts and
incinerating my friends. Get the f**k out of my store!
 Addressed to Farhad
by Gun Shop Owner
 As a result of the problems and influences..
 Farhad perceives every race as discriminatory towards him
and his family.
 He believes that he cannot trust anybody and takes it upon
himself to right perceived wrongs.
 He generalizes every thought and action towards him as
 His perception is altered from its previous form and manifests
itself through Farhad’s anger and distrust.
 A language barrier was evident in Farhad’s perception
 He spoke Persian in the gun shop, which spurred on the
Owner’s racist comments.
 When the locksmith tried to warn him about his faulty
door, he misunderstood.
 In this picture, ‘ARAB’ is written
in Graffiti.. “When did Persian become
Arab?”- Farhad’s Wife
 Farhad is just an American citizen trying to make a living
and provide for his family.
 This statement is true, but because of racism, he was pushed
over the edge; a desperate man.
 Farhad was discriminated against, and in turn, he was
discriminating and resentful.
 Discrimination played the main character of the movie.
His self-concept changed over a series of events..
 He is discriminated against.
 Making him feel unworthy of American freedoms
 His skewed perception allows him to not heed the warning that
could have prevented the store break-in.
 He feels he is being cheated and sees himself as a target.
 His perceived neglect to secure the door allows the insurance
company to deny his claim.
 He perceives himself as a failure, desperate, and a cheated
 He goes after the man he thinks is responsible for the break-in,
and ultimately, the reason he was denied insurance coverage.
 He does not see himself; he is focused on who was
responsible for his misfortunes.
 He pulls the trigger.
 He sees himself as a monster and is in disbelief of what he
 He realizes that the girl he thought he shot was miraculously not
 He sees himself as blessed and protected by the “angel” he
believes to be the little girl. He has faith once again.
 Farhad had many encounters with racism. However, the
chain of events that occurred and the timing of their
occurrence, unraveled him into a man he could not even
 Additionally, his inability to communicate and own up to
his feelings of resentment allowed racism to consume him.
 As a result, his identity turned from capable, working man
to wronged, desperate man.
 In the movie Crash, all of the characters encountered
 Discrimination shaped the characters’ perceptions of
themselves, as well as others around them.
 Self-concept was altered in each person over the course of the
movie; some more than others.
 I realize the dangers of discrimination and what it can create in
 I understand more effectively the impact perceptions have on

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