Ed Gein power point

Born : August 27, 1906
Birthplace : La Crosse, WI
Gender : Male
Religion : Unknown
Ethnicity : White
Died : July 26, 1984
Location of Death : Mendota Medical Health Institute
Cause of Death : Cancer
As a child he lived with his family on a
160 acre farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin a
few miles outside of the city.
 He grew up with his overbearing mother
and his drunk father.
 His mother constantly
forced religion onto him
and his younger brother.
The brothers were brought being taught
that all worldly things were evil including
girls which the mom said were of the
 In 1940 his father died from his drinking
and his brother died in a fire.
 He was left to take care of his
overbearing mother.
When his mother died in 1945 he was left
with no real friends in the world.
 After his mother’s death he blocked off
the rooms in his house that his mother
spent time in such as the kitchen all
rooms but one.
Ed spent most of his time obsessing with
sexual fantasies and the human
 He was also interested in the experiments
the Nazis performed in the concentration
 He also met another loner named Gus.
Together they went to cemeteries and
dug up bodies from graves and took
them home.
Gus assisted Ed for many years yet Ed
never told him his desire to be a woman.
 This is one reason Ed was so fascinated
with the female anatomy and the
reason he stole bodies from the grave for
He was familiarizing himself with the
anatomy of women.
 He would never have any operation be
performed but would construct a female
body suit which included a face and
breasts made completely from skin.
Gus would eventually be taken back to
the asylum leaving Ed alone once again.
 Ed soon decided that instead of using
dead bodies for his experiments he
would resort to murder to acquire fresher
Police suspicion turned towards Gein on
November 16, 1957 when a local
Hardware store owner Bernice Worden
disappeared. Gein had been in the
previous night saying he would
return the following morning
for a gallon of anti-freeze.
When police searched through the
receipts they discovered that the last
receipt to be accepted that morning
was for a gallon of anti-freeze. The police
then proceeded to search Gein’s
property for answers.
Upon searching the property police
found the decapitated body of Worden
in a shed.
 The body had been hung
upside down by ropes and
the insides cleaned out.
What was found on Gein’s property was
not limited to Worden’s body. The police
found other paraphernalia such a:
 Four noses
 Whole human bones
and fragments Bowls
made from human skulls.
Ed Gein had overwhelming evidence
against him so there was no chance for him
to get out of punishment or proven not
 Ed did plea guilty due to reasons of insanity.
 Later, after a series of exams held at the
Central State Hospital for the Criminally
insane Ed Gein was deemed insane and
admitted to the Waupan State Hospital for
The discovery of Ed Gein and his crimes
caused a stir of fear and interest.
 Thousands drove to the “murder farm” to
see where all of the ghastly actions had
been performed.
 Later the house was burned down by the
locals as the house was seen as a place
of evil.
There is no clear reason as to why
anyone would commit such violent acts.
 It is believed that the reason he killed
and robbed bodies of middle-aged
women resembling his mother was
because of his strong love hate
relationship he had with her.
It is also believed that his fascination with
the female anatomy was because he
had a secret obsession of becoming a
Ed Gein was accounted for just two
murders by the time he was arrested.
 He had committed countless accounts
of grave robbing with his friend Gus.
 He performed a variety of acts to his
victims such as necrophilia and used his
victims bodies to fashion ornaments and
clothing for himself.
I feel that as horrible as his actions were
he is still an iconic figure in the horror
 When someone pictures a true killer Ed
Gein comes up.
 While he was infamous for his killings I
also believe that it was not all his fault in
what he did.
I believe that his obvious insanity greatly
affected his crime spree.
 I also believe that it was how he was
raised as a child.
 I believe that the overbearing nature of
his mother coupled with the isolation of
the farm life significantly influenced his
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