Written By: Carl Hiaasen
Report By: Gillian Ryan
MAIN CHARACTERS Beatrice, Roy, Mullet Fingers,
There are many characters in the
book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. Here are
some of them:
Dana Matherson
Beatrice Leep
Officer Delinko
Mullet Fingers
Chuck Muckle
Mr. Ryan
Hoot is also a movie too… these
pictures are from the movie.
The plot of this book is… Roy a boy from
Montana moves to Coconut Cove, FL. He
hates it there. Especially, when he has to
go to Trace Middle School. He doesn’t like
school because he gets bullied by Dana
Matherson. By accident Roy punches
Dana in the face. After the punch, he
attempts to scramble out of the bus, but
almost knocks a girl named Beatrice
down. Beatrice has a stepbrother named
Mullet Fingers who is in hiding from his
mother in the boat harbor. On top of all
that, a man named Chuck Muckle, who
owns the business Mother Paula’s AllAmerican Pancake House, plans on
building his 449th pancake house in
Coconut Cove. Mullet Fingers isn't happy
with this plan. Mostly because there are
owls that burrow in the ground where
they’re planning to bulldoze. So Mullet
Fingers vandalizes their property,
hopefully to make them stop. So Beatrice,
Roy and Mullet Fingers have to work
together to stop the bulldozing!!
This story takes
place in a small
town called
Coconut Cove.
Coconut Cove is
not a real town.
Coconut Cove is in
Florida. It gets a lot
of tourism each
year, like most
places in Florida.
The story seems to
have taken place
during present day.
It also happens
during the school
There are many different problems
faced by the main characters in this
story. Roy’s main problem was his
little situation with the bully Dana
Matherson. Mullet Fingers faces
many issues. He got bit by a guard
dog while letting snakes onto the
Mother Paula’s property and he
risked his life doing crazy things,
like capturing Chuck Muckle
himself!! Beatrice had some
problems too. She has to sneak out
of the house a lot unseen to help
Mullet Fingers. Near the end of the
book, someone saw her, and the
person thinks she is committing a
crime. The person called the police
but, luckily she wasn’t caught. These
are some of the problems they had.
Hint- in the movie they leave the epilogue out… so if you saw
the movie, you never found out Mullet Fingers real name!!
Burrowing Owls!!
A Burrowing Owl is called a
Burrowing Owl because of it’s
unique home. They live in small
holes underground that are dug
by small mammals like prairie
dogs, or squirrels. They like to eat
insects, mice, and, moles. These
owls are very active during the
day, especially in the Spring. A lot
of the Burrowing Owl’s habitats
have been destroyed by
construction. On the map on the
top of the page, the dark orange
areas show where some
Burrowing owls live. You can see
that no burrowing owls live in
Michigan should be about there…
Hoot Secrets!!
Guess what!? I’m not
telling you any secrets… if I
told you, it would spoil the
whole thing! So if you want
to find out secrets such as
Mullet Finger’s real name,
or if Mrs. Leep ever found
out where Mullet Fingers
was hiding, then read
That was my October Book Report!
Thanks for watching!

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