5 th Grade - Peaster Independent School District

Peaster Elementary
STAAR – What is it?
 State’s student testing program for Mathematics,
Reading, Writing, and Science
 Emphasizes “readiness” standards, which are the
knowledge and skills that are considered most
important for success in the grade or course subject
that follows and for college and career.
STAAR – Who takes what?
3rd Grade
5th Grade
 Mathematics
 Reading
 Science
4th Grade
6th Grade*
 Mathematics
 Reading
STAAR - Expectations
 Met passing standard as set by TEA; every subject
tested; every student tested
 Under the Student Success Initiative (SSI); as created
by the Texas Legislature; grade advancement
requirements, students are required to pass the State
of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)
grade 5 reading and mathematics tests to be promoted
to sixth grade.
STAAR - Expectations
 SSI  Fifth grade students have three opportunities to pass the
STAAR reading and mathematics tests.
 If a student does not pass one or both tests, the school
must give the student additional instruction after each
testing opportunity, and the student must participate in
that instruction.
 If a student has not passed after the second testing
opportunity, a grade placement committee (GPC) is
formed to created instructional plans based on the
individual needs of the student.
STAAR - Expectations
 SSI –
 A student who is unsuccessful on the STAAR reading
and /or mathematics test after the third testing
opportunity will be retained automatically.
 However, the student’s parents may appeal the decision
to have their child repeat the grade level by submitting a
request to the GPC within five working days of receiving
the retention notice.
 The GPC (principal, teacher and parent), may decide to
promote the student to sixth grade.
STAAR - Expectations
 SSI –
 Students that are promoted must participate in
additional instruction in order to be promoted.
 Parents may request a waiver of the third testing
 If the waiver is approved, the student is automatically
retained, but the parent may still appeal the retention.
STAAR - Scoring
 For the general STAAR assessments, STAAR Spanish,
and STAAR L, the lables for the performance
categories are:
 Level III: Advanced Academic Performance
 Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance
 Level I: Unsatisfactory
STAAR - Scoring
STAAR - Scoring
 April 2013 Raw Score Conversion Table
 Grade 5 Reading – Total 46 questions
 Level I – Satisfactory (Phase-in 1) 26 of 46 - 1458
 Level I – Satisfactory (Phase-in 2) 31 of 46 - 1520
 Level II – Recommended – 36 of 46 - 1582
 Level III: Advanced – 40 of 46 - 1667
 Perfect Score - 2021
STAAR – Testing Dates
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
 4th Grade Writing – Day 1
 5th Grade Mathematics*
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
 4th Grade Writing – Day 2
 5th Grade Reading*
* Student Success Initiative (SSI)
STAAR – Testing Dates
Tuesday, April 22
 3rd Grade Mathematics
 4th Grade Mathematics
Wednesday, April 23
 3rd Grade Reading
 4th Grade Reading
 5th Grade Science
STAAR – Testing Dates
 SSI – 5th Grade Only
Second Test Administration*
 Tuesday, May 13, 2014 – 5th Grade Mathematics
 Wednesday, May 14, 2014 – 5th Grade Reading
Third Test Administration*
 Tuesday, June 24, 2014 – 5th Grade Mathematics
 Wednesday, June 25, 2014 – 5th Grade Reading
STAAR – Results
 District to receive results by:
 5th Grade Math & Reading – April 21, 2014
 All other test results – May 21, 2014
 Second Administration 5th Grade Math & Reading
June 2, 2014
 3rd Administration 5th Grade Math & Reading
July 11, 2014
STAAR – Testing Procedures
 Strict guidelines for administering the tests.
 No one other than TEA & Pearson has any knowledge
about the content of the test prior to testing.
 No administration, teacher, or other staff member are
allowed to view any portion of the test.
 No administration, teacher, or other staff member may
discuss any part of the test with any student.
 Once testing is completed, answer documents are
returned to TEA for grading.
STAAR - Accommodations
 Specific accommodations are allowed as defined by
TEA. The student must qualify for the
accommodation, routinely and effectively use the
accommodation on a regular basis.
STAAR – Sample Questions
 Up until this past summer, school did not know for
sure what a STAAR test would look like.
 TEA has released last years test.
 Here are some examples of the questions from last
year’s STAAR:

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