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The life of Anne Frank
{ By: Allie Clark
Hello, I would like to introduce you to Anne
Frank, she is 13.
Anne was German & Jewish.
Anne was fun, wild, loud, smart, and very friendly!
Anne Got her diary on 13th birthday in 1942, this was a present from her
Anne Frank lived her last few years of her life during the time period of
something called the Holocaust.
Her family hid in an Annex behind a office building for about two years.
After those several months her family and her were found, and shipped off
to concentration camps, where only a couple of them survived.
Anne was not one of the survivors. Anne died of typhus in the concentration
camp at Bergen-Belsen in late February or early March of 1945.
Anne wrote in her diary for about two years while they were in hiding
because she felt that she had no one to fully trust with her secrets.
This is Anne’s Family, this photo
was taken before they had gone
into hiding.
From left to right:
Margot Frank, Otto Frank, Anne
Frank, and Edith Frank
Anne had 3 other family members. Her mother, her father,
and her older sister.
 Anne's older sister, was pretty, smart, emotional, and
everyone’s favorite. Anne and her older sister did not form a
very close bond with each other throughout the years. Margot
Frank, died of typhus in the concentration camp a few days
before Anne did.
 Anne's father, Otto Frank, was practical and kind. Anne was
very close in relationship with her father. Anne’s father was
the only one in the frank family that survived.
 Anne’s mother, Edith Frank, Anne and her mother felt little
closeness or sympathy for each other, and the two have a very
disorderly relationship. Anne’s mother died in AuschwitzBirkenau concentration camp from hunger and exhaustion.
Anne and her family were
Jewish so in 1942 they
had to hide out in an
annex with another
family to escape the
Nazi’s. In 1943 they were
found in the annex. Anne
survived about a year in a
concentration camp until
she had died.
I think one big
accomplishment of Anne
was her personality and
the fact that she was
extremely brave and
optimistic though
everything she went
through only being 13.
Another big accomplishment of Anne
would be her dairy. Miep Gies was the
one to find and keep Anne’s diary
while they were sent off to the
concentration camps. When Anne’s
father was returned after being sent to
the camps, he had gotten the diary
from Miep and published it for the
world to read. It is now one of the
most read books in the world.
Hmm I never knew…
That Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt,
 That her father was the only person in the annex that survived
the holocaust.
 That her father was a lieutenant in the German Army during
World War I.
 That she didn’t live to celebrate her sixteenth birthday.
 That her diary is the tenth most read book in the world.
 That her diary has now been published in 80 different
 That her full name was Annelies Marie Frank.
 That her diary was named Kitty
Oooh, I like the way she said that..
“Despite everything, I believe
people are really good at heart.”
-I liked this quote that Anne
said because through
everything she has been
through with the holocaust
and the Nazi’s, she still thinks
they are good people, even
though they killed millions
and millions of people.
“Think of all the beauty still left
around you and be happy.”
-I liked this quote because it
can relate to a lot of peoples
attitudes these days. People
can be so clueless of
situations going on in the
world. Most people just care
about what's going on in their
“Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?”
-I like this quote because a lot of teenage girls can relate to this. Even I
can, a lot people don’t know everything about everyone. They could be
the loudest, happiest, most outgoing person at school. But at home they
could be sad and lonely. Not even parents know everything going on in
their child's life.
Life Lessons..
One other thing I
One thing I learned
learned from the Diary
while reading this book of Anne Frank was to
was enjoy your life. A
not be so selfish. Anne
lot of Jews didn’t get to back then couldn’t be
do that back then
selfish in the annex
because of the
because she had to
holocaust, millions and think of all the other
millions were killed,
people living there.
even kids and babies.
Also all the Jews in the
Anne was only fifteen
holocaust, they barely
when she had died,
got anything to ever
when I compare that to drink or eat, and they
my self I think wouldn’t didn’t get say in
want to die at this age,
anything during that
and neither did Anne.
time. I should just be
We all want to do
thankful that I have a
something with our
house to live in, a
lives, so just enjoy life.
family that cares, and
Another lesson you
could’ve learned from this
book was not to judge a
book by its cover. Hitler
thought all Jews were bad
so he sent them all off and
killed them. How would
you feel if someone came
up to you
and just
I don’t means
like you nobody
your or
left ofbehind
nationality.” It’s crazy to
that anyone
Stich would
even do that, but it’s even
crazier that all the
bystanders didn’t do
anything about it, they just
followed Hitler's lead. So
before you judge someone
because of their looks or
nationality get to know
them first.
The diary of Anne Frank has
honestly changed my life in a
positive way. Anne Frank’s diary
has helped me understand that the
6 million Jews killed in the
Holocaust had faces, lives, and
personalities. They were just like us
normal people, nothing was wrong
After reading this book I have
with them, they were just humans.
learned to not judge people
She helped me learn that the
because it can hurt, both physically
Holocaust did happen, and it was a
and emotionally. I’ve also learned
horrible thing. Without her help, I
to not be a bystander, like many
would never know the intensity of Annelies
people did
the holocaust, if
the pain caused during this time.
a big group of people did come
And with out this people would
together they might have had a
never fully understand what it was
chance at winning, and stopping
Gone Hitler
but never
like during the holocaust.
and his harsh actions
towards Jews.
Rest in Peace

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