Program Format

Waging a War on Weight
Clinton County Health Coalition
Albany, KY
Christy Nuetzman & Stacy Smith
Clinton County Cooperative Extension Office
Program Format
• A 10 week weight management & physical
activity program between two communities
based on an age old high school
basketball rivalry.
• Registration paperwork, weigh in, lessons,
challenges, recipe sampling, etc. was the
same in both communities.
• Included a joint Kickoff Event for both
Program Format
• Winners were determined for each county;
however, the county with the highest total
weight loss percentage received a
traveling trophy to be displayed at their
Extension Office.
Kickoff Event
Kickoff Event
• Marty Shackelford, 2012 Team Type 2
national diabetic cycling team member,
shared his story of weight loss and
diabetes management.
• Marty states that “Everything got started
when I lost the most weight of all
contestants in our 2010 Casey County
Biggest Loser program--I lost 83lbs in just
12 weeks!”
Kickoff Event
Kickoff Event
• Marty’s message focused on weight
management, counting calories, the importance
of physical activity, and managing diabetes.
• He personally lost 150 pounds in a 10 month
period and has had his A1C under 5.4 for almost
two years.
• Following the presentation, participants toured
the Wellness Center and tested the equipment.
Participants received vouchers to use the
Wellness Center free for a week at their
Kickoff Event
Educational Lessons
• What Exactly Do I Eat?: 24 Hour Food
• Menu Planning
• Nutrition in the Fast Lane
• Physical Activity Options
• Reducing Sodium
• Diabetes Prevention & Management
• Drink Choices
Mini Challenges
Give Up/Add In Challenge
• Give up a food you know is not good for you and
replace it with one you need more of or is a
healthier option.
Healthy Recipe Challenge
• Share a healthy recipe with us. Categories are
wide open as long as it’s tasty and healthy!
Try a New Activity Challenge
• Simply try a new physical activity and list minutes
spent actively exercising each day.
Mini Challenges
Spice It Up Challenge
• Use an alternative spice to flavor your food.
Pure Water Challenge
• You are entitled to 1 cup of coffee or 1 glass of tea
per day. List how many ounces of water you
consume each day.
Food Find in the Nick of Time
• A physical activity conducted during a weekly
• Weekly recipe sampling featuring Plate It
Up Kentucky Proud recipes.
• Recipe booklet (based upon mini
challenge) distributed to all participants.
• 65 individuals participated from Clinton
County. Of the 23 participants who
completed the competition, our county had
a total weight loss percentage of 4.02!
• Top winner lost 42.2 pounds with a total
weight loss of 11.70%!
And the Winner is…….
Worksite Wellness
• Patriot Industries in Clinton & Wayne
– Federal grant that provides health screenings,
education, and wellness programs for employees
– Initial screenings results:
• 35% had elevated cholesterol levels
• 48% had elevated triglyceride levels
• 62% had elevated glucose levels
• 53% had elevated A1C levels
• 57% had elevated blood pressure
Worksite Wellness
• Weight the Reality Series on-site
– 8 weeks at both factories
– 96 of 107 completed the program
– 9.8% top weight loss Wayne; 7.69% top weight
loss Clinton
– 45 participants changed BMI
• Similar initiative held at Albany Elementary
For More Information:
Clinton County Health Coalition
Christy Nuetzman, Chair
[email protected]

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