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Dr John Hattie’s Research
Who is John Hattie?
• Professor and Director of the Melbourne Educational
Research Institute
• Carried out the world’s largest evidence-based study
to find out what are the factors that really make a
difference to learning
• Collected, compared and analysed the findings of
more than 50,000 studies in education
• His study has involved over a quarter -billion students
• Internationally acclaimed – his work is considered as
the most important contribution to educational
research and practice in decades.
What Are The Things That Really
Impact Learning?
• Hattie’s research has identified:
- which factors have the greatest
influence on learning achievement
- which have little or no impact
- which factors have a negative impact
Effect Size
• Effect Size is a common scale that allows various
influences on learning to be measured and compared.
• The average effect size is 0.4.
• 0.4 is close to the average effect that we can expect from
a year’s schooling.
Hattie uses a
‘barometer of
influence’ to the show
the impact of various
factors on learning
What Were The Results of
Hattie’s Research?
• What things had an effect size of 0.4?
• What things had an effect size greater
than 0.4?
• Which factors had an effect size less
than 0.4?
Factors and Their Impact on Learning
• What do you think has the greatest effect on learning?
• What do you think has the least effect?
• Homework
• Peer Tutoring
• Providing Formative Feedback
• Retention (Repeating a grade)
• Reducing Anxiety
• Students Expectations- Belief in themselves
• Teacher-Student Relationship
Some of the Results
Effect Size
Self-reported Grades- Student Expectations
Providing Formative Feedback
Teacher-Student Relationship
Peer Tutoring
Reducing Anxiety
Retention (Repeating a grade)
What About….
Composite Classes and Straight Classes?
• What impact does class structure have on
• What was the effect size of being in a
composite class compared to a straight yearlevel class?
So what did Hattie find?
Effect Size: 0.04
So what did Hattie find?
• Hattie analysed 94 different studies that had
investigated the effect class structure had on
• He found class structure had little to no impact
on learning.
• His meta-analysis indicates that structural
concerns such as class composition, class size,
finances and environments are not the
elements of schooling that have significant
effects on learning achievement
What is it then that has the most
significant impact on achievement?
• Hattie lists and rates 150 influences on student
• Teachers are among the most powerful influences and
their task is to make learning visible, both to the
teacher and to the student
• “The remarkable feature of the evidence is that the
greatest effects on student learning occur when
teachers become learners of their own teaching and
when students become their own teachers (selfmonitoring, self-evaluation, self-assessment, selfteaching)”
(Hattie, J, 2012, Visible Learning for Teachers, Maximising Impact on Learning, Routledge, 2012, p17-18)
What are the winners?

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