Call of the Dead Hunt

Call of the Dead
Step 0: Secure the V-R11
 The V-R11 is the key to freeing the characters
 Chances of obtaining the V-R11 decrease as
the hunt goes on
 After obtaining the V-R11 turn the power on
and start the hunt
 Keep a Scavenger or
Crossbow for Step 2
and Ray guns for Step 8
Step 1:Get the fuse
 First of all you need to make two crawlers
 After listening to the trapped characters the
fuse will appear in the room above the cell
 Once obtaining the fuse place it in the fuse
Step 2: Blow up the
 There are four generators that need to be
shut off
 In the cell room
 Over the side of the power boat by Double Tap
 Behind the Stamin-Up boathouse: visible at top of
light house
 Between the two boats: visible at mystery box
spawn above cell room
Step 3: Vodka bottle
 After the drunken Nikolai requests some
vodka go find the bottle in a frozen chunk of
 One person will crouch at the ice and
eventually knife it while any one else stands
underneath to catch it
 It is usually somewhere around the cell room
 After catching the bottle give it to Nikolai
through the tubes on the left
Step 4: Light house numbers
 Make sure all desks have been bought in the
light house
Turn yellow dial to 2
Turn blue dial until orange is 7
Turn purple dial to 6
Turn orange dial until blue is 4
Turn yellow dial to 2
From top to bottom: 2746
Step 5: Morse code radios
 The same person has to hit all radios once
 It has to be in this order
 First radio is in the mystery box room of the
power boat on top of a cabinet
Second is in the Stamin-Up boat house on a
Third is by Semtex wedged in a cargo box
Forth is back in the cell under the stairs
If completed successfully a green light should be
visible in the sky
Step 6: Control room
 Go to the power room at the top of the first
 Turn the steering wheel so that the brown
handle is in the five o’clock position
 Next the first lever on the far left needs to be
hit once and the far right lever needs to be hit
three times
 If done correctly a fog horn should sound
Step 7: Fog Horn
 Only one person can hit the fog horns and
they must be hit in the right order
 First: At base of lighthouse next to the pool of
 Second: After ice slide around the right side
 Third: At base of light house next to building
 Last: After ice slide next to a
large rock
Step 8: V-R11
 Lure a crawler to the bottom of the light
house (Hopefully you made two crawlers)
 Shoot one crawler with the V-R11 and kill the
human as he is going up the beam
 Grab the golden rod after the dead human
goes up and place it in the tube
Step 9: Knife the fuse
 Knife the fuse when it starts to spark
 Say goodbye to Nikolai, Takeo, Dempsey, and
 Grab the lightning bolt power up
 Get the Wunderwaffe DG-2
 Own those zombies!

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