Essential Question:
What makes us human beings?
a set of rules and customs that defined the
guest-host relationship between two
How does Alkinoos compare to Nestor?
What is the significance of the transfiguration of Athena
into a small girl who guides Odysseus to Alkinoos'
Consider the disguises thus far:
Nausikaa's maid
Small girl with water jug: Nausikaa warns Odysseus
about the xeniaphobic nature of the Phaeacians. The
small girl is naïve, innocent, harmless etc.
What does the fog that surrounds Odysseus as
he walks through the city suggest?
The fog suggests that Athene is protecting
Odysseus, yet she did not have to protect
Telemachus as a stranger in Pylos or Sparta.
Who is Athene protecting Odysseus from?
Odysseus' behavior in this episode- Is he proud?
humble? How does he act toward the Queen
Odysseus identifies himself as a supplicant,
a person begging humbly and earnestly
How earnest and humble can he be if he lies?
*Nausicaa’s advice to travel to the palace
What does Alkinoos' offer to give Odysseus the
princess Nausikaa as his bride suggest?
Successful Deception
*Nausicaa requests the mules from her father
*Odysseus claims he did not travel with
Nausicaa out of consideration for the father
(l. 305-8).
Both Arete and Alkinoos are descendants of
Poseidon (therefore, their great navigation
abilities (without oars)
Odysseus’ initial treatment upon arrival on
the island, in the palace (location)
The nearby Cyclops , who once lived in unison
with the Phaeacians (l. 206)
1Why is the figure of the poet/singer Demodokos
important? What or who does he represent?
Quarrel between Odysseus and Achilles. It reminds
Odysseus about his Trojan past
Causes Odysseus to reflect:
Co-habitation on Ogygia with Calypso
Penelope in Ithica without a husband for 20 years
2. Why does Odysseus deny the athletic
challenge? What causes this ?
3. How do the gods react to the revelation of
the adultery?
Why is Poseidon's reaction to the event
different from the other gods'?
This may hint that Poseidon knows it is
important to forgive and perhaps will forgive
Odysseus one day -- as he in fact will

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