Year 9 exams - Stratton Upper School

Year 9 exams
A time to shine
Important dates:
The following exams are all in the hall/gym. You will also need to
complete some exams during lessons (check with your subject teacher
when they are)
Wednesday 3/7/13
P3 Normal lessons
Maths Paper 1
P5 Normal Lessons
Monday 8/7/13
Maths Paper 2
Why are we doing these tests?
These tests are being set for a number of
1) To help YOU get used to exam routines, this
will mean you will feel confident and prepared
when it comes to your ‘real’ GCSE exams
2) It gives us information on how well you are
doing and what we need to do to help you
Are these tests important?
• YES – they will provide important information
for your Y10 teacher. They will be the starting
point for your GCSE classes.
• NO – they will not affect the rest of your life, if
you do badly we can talk to you to make sure
we get it right for your GCSEs
• YES – you should always try to achieve the
best you can in any school work
What can you do to prepare?
• Check with your teacher what will be in the
exams and revise these topics
• Work hard and listen in lessons
• Have a good night’s sleep the night before
• Have a sensible breakfast (many experts
recommend a banana – no one recommends
red bull!)
• Arrive promptly at your exam, with all the
correct equipment
When you go into the exam hall
you MUST….
Line up outside the Hall/Gym in silence on the paving/field
Hand in your Mobile Phone (they will be returned straight after the
Sit in the correct seat
You MUST NOT talk or turn round
Bring the right equipment.
You can NOT borrow in exams. You need:
Black Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Ruler,
Protractor & Compasses (Maths only),
Calculator ( Maths Paper 2 & Science)
Important during exams we have to
• Follow Exam Board routines. You will need to
line up and go into the hall in silence.
• You must not communicate to other students
during the full exam – (this is why we keep
mobile phones secure during exams).
• If you need anything put your hand up, wait
for a member of staff
• to come to you and
• ask the staff QUIETLY
• Exam rules apply even if you are taking an
exam in a classroom – you must not
communicate with others (even to borrow
• You must remain silent, and in your chair,
throughout the duration of the exam.
• Any test should be treated as an exam.
What can you do in the exam to help
you achieve
Read every question carefully (underline key
words if it helps)
Answer every question (even if you use a
sensible guess)
Re-read the question and check you have
answered what it asked.
If you finish check you have answered every
question, check your answers are sensible.
The Maths & Science Papers
You will NOT be lent any equipment. You CANNOT
borrow in exams. Make sure you have:
2 Black Pens
Protractor (Maths only)
Compasses (Maths only)
Calculator (for Paper 2 and Science)
What is in the Maths test
The exam is an official KS3 SATs paper – similar to those
you sat in Y6 - but aimed at Y9 students. You may not
have covered every topic in the exam, but neither will
others. Do NOT worry, if you can’t do a question move on
as you may be able to answer later questions which are
on different topics.
The test is based on EVERYTHING you could have done in
the last 4 years. All areas of maths are covered so
everyone should be able to answer SOMETHING.
Relax, read the questions carefully and do your best.
What is in the Science test
The exam is an official KS4 GCSE paper – similar to those
you will sit in the future but only covering Y9 topics.
Do NOT worry, if you can’t do a question move on as you
may be able to answer later questions which are on
different topics.
The test is based on EVERYTHING you should have done
in the last year.
Relax, read the questions carefully and do your best.
The English Test
• The examination will enable you to show your
understanding of grammar, punctuation and sentence
• These skills will be important next year when you are
developing your writing during the GCSE course.
• You will be required to write on the question paper and
if you do not know an answer then you should move
on to the next question.
• During your lessons you will be focussing on the key
areas of this test.
• You will need a black pen to complete the test.
Where do you go
Lists of seat numbers will go up on Friday
evening. Make a note of your seat number and
the venue (Hall or Gym).
It is important you sit in the correct seat as there
are a number of different tests happening.
What happens next in Maths.
We want you to do well. If we decide you have
taken the wrong paper we will give you the
opportunity to sit the additional questions from
a higher or lower paper. We will work out the
best score from the two papers and record this
Your teacher will go through some of the paper
in class where it is felt that this is of use.
Next Year in Maths
Next year we will place students in bands based
on their option choices. You will not stay in the
same maths classes, or with the same teacher.
We will use this result to help us decide which
class to place you in. If you feel the work in your
new class is too easy or too hard speak to your
class teacher or Miss Anderson to sort this out.
Focus on the level of the work being covered,
not the set number, person you are sitting next
to or teacher’s hairstyle.
What happens next in Science.
We want you to do well. Your teacher will go
through the paper in class to help you for the
If you have not taken triple science we will set
you for next year based on:
• Your results of the science tests throughout
the year
• Your teacher’s advice
• Your results of the Y9 exam
Good Luck !!

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