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The future of Kiwi’s is in your hands
New Zealand
New Zealand is the
country in the world!
• With 62.7% of the population classified as being obese this is
a serious health concern that needs to be addressed A.S.A.P!
• New Zealand’s entire population is getting fatter at a rapidly
increased rate.
Lack of exercise + Poor eating habits
Many New Zealander’s today complain about
working all week and having limited time to
exercise and prepare good quality healthy
meals. This is the most common excuse for
indulging in fast foods and being a “couch
potato.” It is this poor choice “she’ll be right”
attitude that leads to obesity of the nation.
What is the
We need to take
action and get
moving New
Having Your Very Own
“Personal Trainer”
A Gym Membership
Your Personal Trainer will:
Find out what your Health and fitness goals are.
Make sure you achieve your goals.
Assess your current physical condition and help you to improve in all aspects of your health.
Demonstrate the safe handling of free weights and the proper use of machines.
Provide you with a wide variety of effective exercises and demonstrate how to safely perform
each of them.
Provide you with result-producing routines, tailored to fit your needs.
Teach you how to create your own effective training routines.
Provide you with a variety of techniques to keep you motivated and your training fresh.
Answer questions you have about diet, nutrition and exercise.
Go over success strategies to ensure you achieve your goals.
Provide an easy way to track what you're doing and chart your progress.
Make fitness fun so living a healthy lifestyle becomes a part of you, not just something you
have to do.
Keep you motivated.
Be with you every step of the way.
Gym memberships
• Less than 25% of people with a gym membership actually use them
and this means that over 75% of the people with a gym
membership will not get results.
• You pay $$$$$ for not going and not getting results
• You lose focus on your goals
• You skip training sessions
• You get started at New Years and then fall off the bandwagon
• Locked into long term contracts
• You cannot train as hard - cheat on intensity
• You cannot find a way that fits into your lifestyle to achieve your
• Training is boring and monotonous
• You lose interest easy
• You have no accountability
Choose 1
Make a
difference and
start today!!!
Saint Nick
Before and After King
[email protected]
“Your sense of self-worth comes from you alone, not the opinion of others.”
Free yourself today, from the fat, weak and unfit body which holds you back!
Confidence Courage Strength Success Vitality

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