1. Promote Lisbon as an excellent destination for Erasmus
students, tourists and young professionals. We are also focused
in foreign students not included in these exchange programs and
aren’t currently supported by any association.
2. Promote unique whole experiences in the Lisbon area for
visitors and young international communities
3. Create young city ambassadors passionate as we are of Lisbon
that will promote our city for upcoming generations and foster
future tourism
Our Team
We are a non-profit association moved by a group of pro-active
former Exchange Students that combine both passion with
tourism and the city of Lisbon
- Multidisciplinary team
- Experience with tourism & Erasmus students
- Experience in organization of pro-social events
- Wide network of relevant contacts in Lisbon aggregated to a
relevant network of universities across Europe
What we do
Life Lisboa is a network that creates a link between our city and
international young students & workers
Life Lisboa finds internships & summer-jobs in Portugal and
establishes partnerships with universities throughout Europe
Life Lisboa supports and integrates international students by
organizing local cultural, sport and entertainment activities
What we do
Life Lisboa provides other related services such as:
Support on bureaucratic issues;
Travelling support;
Help finding a house;
Portuguese cell phone;
SIM Card;
Tourist guidance;
Language courses;
Erasmus Life
Experience Life
- Lisbon Welcome Kit and - Promote Lisbon as a primary arrival support
route for tourism
- Wide partnership for Life - Contact with foreign agencies
Lisboa Card
- Partnership with touristic
- Organization of activities
- Sport events
- Cultural visits
- National travels
- Parties
Placement in
Special partner
Support international
students finding internship
opportunities in developing
promising companies across
Development of a wide
network of organizations that
best fit professional
competences of incoming
Erasmus Life Lisboa
Portuguese empire history, great weather and today's incentives
to international mobilization bring relevance to developing
international opportunities in Portugal
Nowadays Portugal is already one of the first options by many
foreign students and young qualified professionals seeking job
Through the organization of several events Life Lisboa intends to
create an ‘International’ friendly environment and guarantee
these young foreigners an easy integration in Lisbon
Erasmus Life Lisboa Card
Erasmus Life Lisboa Card
Erasmus Life Lisboa Card grants direct discounts in Life Lisboa
Advantages in strategic partnerships:
Surf school
Language school
Hostels & Hotels
Touristic destinations
Sport activities
Dermocosmetical & beauty
- Many others
National trips
Life Lisboa organizes several events:
- Trip to Porto & Coimbra
- Trip to Óbidos Chocolate Fair
- Trip to Coimbra (Queima das fitas)
- Trip to Sintra
- Trip to Cabo da Roca & Mafra
- Trip to Algarve (Lagos, Sagres & Portimão)
- Trip to Torres Vedras (Carnival)
- Trip to Alentejo (Évora)
- Road Trip to Alentejo
- Radical Weekend (Vila Nova de Milfontes)
- And …Many more
Erasmus Life Lisboa - other Events
Life Lisboa organizes innovative events:
- Sponsor of social / cultural local events
- Night Visit to a museum
- Boat Tour in Lisbon
- Welcome Fado Dinner
- Karts day
- Paintball day
- Bungee jumping
- Surf camp
- Barbeques in Lisbon
- Pillow Fight & Harlem Shake
- Day & night tours in Lisbon
- Workshops
Official Ticketing representative for foreigners
Life Lisboa is the official representative of several international
events occurring in Lisbon:
- Ticketing
- concerts
- festivals
- museums
Partnership with Hotels & Hostels
Partnership with touristic centers
Underground Rebel Bingo
Remember Tomorrowland
International Party Week
Experience Life Lisboa
Promote Lisbon as a primary route for groups of young travellers.
Creation of own events in national territory to promote local
traditions and culture.
Promotion of a tourist-package low cost in Lisbon tailored to the
needs of groups of foreign students in order to foster local
This packages include many of the services of our partners.
Experience Life Lisboa
Promote Lisbon as a great destination for organized groups of
foreign students and young tourists.
Eg.: Weekend in Lisbon
Friday: hostel check in, explore Bairro Alto experience, entrance in club
Saturday: walking tour, Traditional Fado Dinner with open bar, entrance in a
club (or optional activities)
Sunday: e.g. beach with surf class & checkout
Promotion of a massive yearly 4 days event that brings students
from across Portugal, Spain, Italy and France.
Other services provided
- Arrival Welcome Kit (Maps, relevant information, useful tourism items)
- Housing
- Ticketing
- Sport events (football, marathons and others)
- Cultural (museums, expositions and others)
- Concerts (festivals, national concerts)
- Transportation
- Airport pick-up
- IKEA transfer
- Souvenirs Life Lisboa (name-reminders)
- Useful Newsletter and Website
How can we help your University?
We believe that we can improve your offer to your exchange students
and alleviate some of your workload with these students by:
- Usage of our partnerships (wide-range of discounts & promotions)
- Providing Internships
- Providing housing & residences for students (regulated legal contracts and
with quality standards)
- Providing a Welcome To Lisbon Kit (SIM Card, maps, voucher for free bank
account, useful information,…)
- Organizing several activities in Lisbon that will help their integration in our
- Organizing several trips in Portugal that will help them getting to know our
country and culture
- Helping your student associations in their self-developed activities given
our wide network of contacts and partnerships
Where to find us
Our office: Avenida da Liberdade, 230, floor – (minus) 2
Office is open:
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
15:30 – 18:00
Contact us
Facebook Group

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