San Juan Basin League * Sportsmanship

San Juan Basin
League –
•League Sportsmanship
- Why do you need
SJBL Sportsmanship
• Develop a plan
- What’s important to you?
- What’s the structure of your
- What experience do you want
for your student-athletes
SJBL Sportsmanship
• Develop a mission statement
- Place the most important
things to you in a brief
SJBL Sportsmanship
• Sportsmanship is a priority of the San Juan Basin League
and each of its member schools. Life lessons are how to
win with grace, how to lose with dignity and how to
always play with respect. We expect all administrators,
athletics directors, coaches, officials, coaches, studentathletes, and spectators to adhere to this philosophy and
commit to fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity.
SJBL Sportsmanship
• Get it visual!
- Banners
- Programs
- PSA’s
- Any way that conveys the message
to everyone attending and
SJBL Sportsmanship
• League buy-in
- Will each and every school
sell the same message?
SJBL Sportsmanship
• Total Commitment
- Portion of every SJBL monthly agenda – Good and Bad
- Banner in each gym of SJBL
- PSA’s occur before each varsity contest
SJBL Sportsmanship
• What can you do?
- Take action steps at your next meeting
- It’s only as important as you make it
SJBL Sportsmanship

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