Rowan Rec Center

Crammed Pictures
Early Afternoon and the Weight Room is filling up
already. There were no benches to use and the Squat
Racks were completely full.
In the Rec Center, there are about 4 Sit down
seats for exercises ranging from Shoulder Press
to Tricep Extensons. All 4 were full, and it was a
less busy day in the gym. They need more
equipment and larger space.
In the Rec Center, there are about 10 treadmills, and
every single one of them was full except for 1. The
chances of getting that one treadmill are slim to
Just about every single elliptical machine was
full and everyone of them was by a lady
student. Except one was being used by an old
Felix Wurmbach, 20 years old, Sophomore
Law and Justice Major, football player,
answered the following Questions:
Do you think the Rowan Gym is small?
- Yes, the Rowan Rec Center is small and can
get very crammed at times. Also, it can get
annoying to have to constantly wait for
machines to open up.
What would be the best solution to this
- The best solution would be to build a new
gym across campus near Whitney or expand
the one now. Also, the Athletics Team Gym is
not very large either and is similar in size to
my High School gym which was tiny.
Comparable Gyms- York College of PA
Rowan Vs. York Stats
Rowan University- 11,816 Students
York College of PA- 5,367 Students
Rowan Rec Center Square Footage- 91,000 Sq Ft.
York College of PA Square Footage- 170,000 Sq Ft.
The York College of PA Grumbacher Fitness
Center has just about 79,000 more square feet
then the Rowan University Recreation Center.
Rowan has double the student body that York
College has, and has a gym that is very small. The
York College gym includes a larger basketball
area, larger pool, more cardio and workout
equipment, and lastly a rock climbing wall.
First Solution
• One possible solution would be to
expand onto the gym, and make it
- Whitman College- 1500 Students
-After 18 months of construction and
remodeling, the Sherwood Athletic Center at
Whitman College is drawing rave reviews from
the campus and local communities.
-The $15.5-million renovation, which comes
four decades after the building was first
constructed at a cost of $1.6 million, upgrades
the interior and exterior of the facility and
replaces an outdated swimming pool with a
much needed multipurpose gymnasium.
Gym Square Footage- 71,000 slightly
smaller then Rowan, but has 1/10 the
amount of students of Rowan.
Second Solution
The second solution would be to build
another gym. The costs of building another
gym will be shown.
Washington State University a few years
back, opened a $39-million, 160,000-squarefoot student recreation center, which
features a five-lane, 25-yard natatorium, a
large hot tub, two gyms with seven
multipurpose courts, four
racquetball/squash courts, an elevated
track, and what the university says is the
largest student weight-fitness room in the
country, with 225 stations that ended up
costing more than $1-million. The facility
also includes a health and wellness suite
with massage therapy, personal trainers,
and weight-loss seminars.

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