Assembly/Pep Rally
When/ where
 We have planned to have our Assembly/Pep Rally on
the 2oth of February 2013
 In the gym
What’s this pep rally going to be about!
 Our goals for the assembly are to:
1. Raise school spirit.
2. Involve the student body.
3. Recognize people who excel in semester one.
4. Advertise for the next major school events.
5. Encourage students to get involved.
 A strategy could be to advertise for our assembly.
Not many assembly's are advertised but if this one
was such as by announcements, posters, and other
various ways, more students would want to attend
out assembly/pep rally.
 We also want to get a guest speaker from Me to We,
this could help us promote any other humanitarian
events that are going to be held in our school.
 We also want to have cool prizes as a way to get
people motivated and participate in our games that
we are going to have during the pep rally.
What we want to get people involved
 We would really like to recognize people who excel in
our school, such as academics, sports, and other
classes in our school. Maybe something like the blue
ribbon assembly, where people are awarded blue
ribbons when the participate in activities and do well
in classes.
 We would like to get the school involved in games,
which by this we would need to figure out games that
the school can play or a lot of people can play at one
time that are fun and interactive.
 We are still deciding on this slide of what to do with
a budget.
What we need from you
 Tell your friends that this is not going to be one of
those assembly's you sleep through.
 Its going to be fun!
 We do need your help setting up the gym when it
comes time to do that
 But mostly we need you, leadership class, to keep the
school spirit!
Questions and
Thank you

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