Crude Oil Gives Us Bubble Gum - Raw

From Black Oil to Pink Bubble Gum
 Crude Oil is processed
at the refinery to
create the raw material
to make bubble gum.
 The refining process
has three steps:
 Converting
 Treating
Crude Oil Gives Us Bubble Gum
Raw Material
 Food grade plastics are
made from crude oil.
 Bubble gum is made from
food grade plastics.
From Synthetic Rubber to Pink
Bubble Gum
 Food grade plastics for
bubble gum are made
from synthetic rubber.
 Synthetic rubber is
made from monomers.
 Monomers are gotten
from refining crude oil.
 Synthetic Rubber
How Is Bubble Gum Made?
Click on the black box to play the Discovery video Bubble Gum: How It’s Made
Environmental Consequences of
Making Bubble Gum
 Describe if there are
any known
consequences. If not
then write about that.
 Add a graphic about
the environmental
consequences that are
known about making
bubble gum.

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