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Leading Technology Based Quit Smoking Brand
Now In India
The Visionary Behind IQS INDIA
Kunal is a passionate entrepreneur with business in Manufacturing, Real Estate, Logistics and healthcare. An
Alumina of University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, he is currently the Managing Director of I Quit Smoking
India. Equipped with a BA Hons. in Finance, Accounting and Management, His core strength lies in Financial
Management, relationship building, hard negotiation, team building, communication skills, research and
He is tech-savy, value driven person who believes that integrity and honesty will reap benefits, if not now then later.
He is also an ardent follower of putting systems in work-place that drive and motivate people to achieve better
results. He has achieved goals by being a good team leader and has a flexible approach to change situations.
With all his expertise in market research, team building and new business development Quit Smoking International
was brought to India by him with the vision to provide Indian smokers with an easy and effective solution to quit.
Being the Master Franchise at IQS India, he heads various business dimensions including strategic planning,
Finance, Implementation and business development.
He has attended the National School of Drama and participated in various stage shows which lead him to several TV
commercials He has played football at various domestic levels. His love towards the game and theatre and his
current professional engagement fulfils his passion for travelling, team building and relationship management.
About Company
 An international franchise network
 A proven, quick and pain-free method to help people quit
 Up to 90% of success rate unparallel with the smoking
cessation industry worldwide.
 Present in more than 28 countries
 Running 300 centres world wide.
Our Vision
At IQS, our vision is to help smokers across the world quit smoking and live healthier
lives through our simple, natural and pain-free system. With this focus, we are confident
our method can enable IQS to be the leading smoking cessation system in the world.
To Build India’s first chain of quit smoking clinics.
Our Mission
We believe that a program, which is tailored for each individual smoker, will yield
better results and lead to an enhanced quality of life currently unobtainable from
existing methods. No longer will smokers of the world have to rely on will power,
chewing gum, or nicotine patches to quit their habit.
Reason of Franchisee
(Our Expansion Plan)
 For a company with a product or service to sell, franchising provides an
excellent opportunity for rapid expansion without an enormous outlay of
capital. It is a distribution system that allows a business to conserve capital, and
at the same time achieve fast market penetration making it a very attractive
proposition to most business owners.
 One of the greatest advantages to them is that they get 100% commitment from
their franchisees who have a stake in the business rather than staff or managers
who simply work for a salary and may be less motivated. Franchising enables
them to utilize the entrepreneurial skills of the franchisee network to achieve
better results than might otherwise be achieved.
 Excelling to open 50 Centres by March 31st 2014 across the country
 Focus – PAN India
Our Product & Services
• Being a part of the only leading Smoking cessation brand globally
• RISE device
• Biometric Cards
• CO Meter
• Advice for the fitting out and decoration of the location and installation of the equipment.
• Training and development
• Operational Control System
• Marketing and Sales support
IQS Advantage
 Customized process of every consumer
 Three easy step process
 No use of Nicotine replacement therapy
 One of the highest success rate of 90 %
 Post treatment recommendation
 Compulsory and strict follow up
 Natural treatment with no insertion in the body
 Deals with both physical and psychological addiction
 Quick , effective and proven world wide method.
 Reduces withdrawal symptoms at least 80 %
(Franchisee Model)
Pre-Requisite for IN HOUSE
 Min. 100- 150 sq ft Area
 Television (1)
 Waiting Area Chairs (2)
 Client Chairs (2)
 Treatment Area Relaxing chair (1)
Staff Requirements
 Psychologist (1)
 Office Boy (1)
 Creative (Soft Copies)
 Advertisements (National, launch, local)
 Events and road shows
 Online (SEO, SMO, PPC, Facebook, mailers)
 Awards and Recognitions
 Initial Training of 1 week at Head Office in Delhi
 Development of operation team
 Qualified leads of the allocated region will be forwarded to the Franchisee
Franchisee Process
Initial enquiry
Expression of interest
Meeting–Brief Intro/Discussion over Phone
Meeting – Detailed Discussion (face 2 face)
Discussion on Framework/Commercials
Receive of Token Amount / MoU Sign Up
Franchisee Agreement
IQS Interiors
Staff Recruitment
Franchisee Induction/ Staff training
30 days
(includes 7 days of training)
Business Insight
Highly Innovative and unique concept
Huge opportunity for organized / chain players
High Margin Business
Cash & Carry Business – No Credit
Weekly cycle - 40% of business on week ends
Running in more than 28 countries with more than 300 centres.
Business Drivers – Staff, Centre, Promotions, Franchisor and YOU
Thank You
Mr. Kunal Sekhri
(Managing Director)
Mob. 9810767177
[email protected]

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